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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20001205 05/12/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: Directors should be elected directly by the members David Chambers 7 CRS/CWS merger, area committees, business skills
20050305 05/03/2005 POSTBAG: Seeking diversity or a timely diversion? David Chambers 10 area committees, The Co-op Group Diversity Programme, ethnic profiles
20050823 23/08/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Striking a raw nerve Colin Richell 22 area committees, Project Exchequer , co-operative democracy
20051227 27/12/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Member training should be open to all Colin Richell 19 area committees, committee member training, Peter Cooper
20060110 10/01/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Area committees need to be taken more seriously Ralph Taylor 22 The Co-operative Group, area committees
20060124 24/01/2006 Diversity is a real priority for Co-op Group members Co-op News 5 area committees, Mags Bradbury, Madhusudhan Roy, diversity, The Co-operative Group membership activities
20060124 24/01/2006 NEWS VIEWS: My job is to serve members Colin Richell 22 area committees, Anglia Regional Co-operative Society (department stores), Ralph Taylor