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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030705 05/07/2003 Supermarkets follow Co-op Group’s lead Co-op News 3 AgroFair, Tesco, Fairtrade mangoes, Sainsbury
20040619 19/06/2004 Swiss go bananas Co-op News 5 AgroFair, Fairtrade
20050906 06/09/2005 Happiness is a Fairtrade banana Vicky Bhogal 15 Fairtrade, A Fair Feast (by Vicky Bhogal), AgroFair, Ghana, Volta River Estates
20060110 10/01/2006 Fairtrade oranges available all year Co-op News 4 AgroFair, Fairtrade oranges
20060725 25/07/2006 Party time for Agrofair Kevin McGrother 17 AgroFair, Manuel Castro, Harry Hill, Linda Barker, Fairtrade, Clive Marriott
20061212 12/12/2006 Agrofair starts trading in USA Co-op News 2 AgroFair, Fairtrade
20070220 20/02/2007 Former Group chief lands AgroFair role Co-op News 7 Fairtrade Fortnight (2007), John Bowes, Volta River Estates, AgroFair
20070807 07/08/2007 Grapefruit joins Fairtrade range Co-op News 3 AgroFair
20070918 18/09/2007 Co-op stores get another Fairtrade first Co-op News 2 fairtrade (grapefruit), AgroFair
20080708 08/07/2008 Fairtrade takes a bit of licking Co-op News 2 AgroFair