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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4052 18/03/1997 Have you got £8bn Mr Regan? Co-op News 1 Co-op Bank, CWS, CRS, Lanica Trust, Galileo, Carpetbaggers, hostile bid, shares, Andrew Regan, membership
4053 25/03/1997 CWS calls Lanica's Bluff: Regan's shares face the drop Co-op News 1 CWS, CRS, Lanica Trust, Galileo, asset-strippers, Andrew Regan
4058 29/04/1997 United we stand Co-op News 1 Tony Henry, Keith Darwin, Andrew Regan, Len Fyfe, support from co-op societies
4062 27/05/1997 COMMENT Will they be back? Co-op News 2 CWS, Statuary watchdog for the City, Securities and Investments Board, new Co-operatives Bill, Lanica, Andrew Regan, Graham Melmoth
4062 27/05/1997 Why the battle for the Co-op doesn't end with Lanica: CWS Annual General Meeting Co-op News 6 CWS, Co-operative Union, Lanica, Andrew Regan, Pat Watters (CWS Scottish Southern Region), CWS assets, the Co-op difference, George Brown, Frank Croft, Donald Maclean, the Stornoway store, Beryl Fulshaw, Derek Smythe, Co-op College, Vivian Woodell
4062 27/05/1997 Lanica trio due in court Co-op News 12 CWS, David Lyons, Galileo, Lanica, Andrew Regan, theft, stolen property, CWS documents, Allan Green
4065 17/06/1997 Hambros counts the cost for role in Lanica affair Co-op News 1 CWS, Hambros Bank, Graham Melmouth, Sir Chips Keswick, Norton Rose, private prosecution, Lanica, Andrew Regan
4067 01/07/1997 CPS takes over Lancia prosecution Co-op News 1 CWS, Crown Prosecution Service, David Lyons, Lanica, Andrew Regan, Allan Green
4069 15/07/1997 Heads roll over Lanica affair Co-op News 1 CWS, Galileo, Hambros Bank, Lanica, Nigel Pantling, Peter Large, Andrew Salmon, Nigel Campion-Smith, Travers Smith Braithwaite, Andrew Regan, Allan Green
4069 15/07/1997 Why can't co-operators join their local society? Elaine Dean 4 Lanica, Andrew Regan, membership procedures, 'open membership', Co-operative Societies, Ilkeston Co-op