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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20011215 15/12/2001 POSTBAG EXTRA: Animal cruelty Margaret Toch 14 animal welfare, Phyllis Wilson
20011215 15/12/2001 Car parking brings £7,500 to charities Co-op News 15 Isle of Wight, animal welfare
20030927 27/09/2003 Motions carried Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 fly posting, animal welfare
20040117 17/01/2004 Out of this World comes a better one Kevin McGrother 12 environmental sustainability, animal welfare, Jon Walker, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), community development, Out of This World, Richard Adams, Fairtrade, Creative Consumer Co-operative
20050531 31/05/2005 Group pledge to improve duck farm standards Dave Bowman 4 animal welfare, Viva! campaign, Terry Morton, The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Martin Alder, RSPCA Freedom Food
20050920 20/09/2005 How the nations supermarkets can help raise animal wlfare standards Heather Pickett 10 animal welfare, supermarkets - animal welfare, "free range" egg production, Compassion in World Farming Trust
20051115 15/11/2005 When is a free range egg not a free range egg? Co-op News 13 "free range" egg production, Philip Lymbery, Compassion in World Farming Trust, British Free Range Egg Producers Association, animal welfare, avian flu, John Widdowson
20070403 03/04/2007 Shoppers do care Co-op News 6 animal welfare, Compassion in World Farming Trust, Eurobarometer (research)
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Animal care on agenda Dave Bowman 7 Terry Morton, Farm Assurance Schemes, animal welfare
20080304 04/03/2008 News Views Letters: Ethical food cannot meet demands of an overpopulated world Paul Alton 22 animal welfare, organic produce