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20050212 12/02/2005 Co-op alternative to council housing Glyn Thomas 14 arms length management organisations (ALMOs), Preston's Community Gateway model, Community Gateway model, Public Finance Initiatives (PFI), Jeff Zitron, housing associations, Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (PSBR), Fabian Society
20061114 14/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Council tenants need the right to control their homes Glyn Thomas 22 council housing, Mutuo, Community Gateway model, Co-op Party, Private Finance Initiative (PFI), arms length management organisations (ALMOs), Andy Love MP
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: ALMO's are not the right road to take for ownership John Merrett Bloom 22 housing, Glyn Thomas, Community Gateway model, arms length management organisations (ALMOs)
20070918 18/09/2007 Co-op and mutual housing solutions must be explored Glyn Thomas 17 homeless, Mutual Home Ownership, English Partnerships, social housing, Community Gateway model, Community Land Trusts, arms length management organisations (ALMOs)