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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20011208 08/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: ‘Equal opportunity’ policy is hypocracy Reg Bunn 7 Robin Stewart, age discrimination
20030809 09/08/2003 Calling time on ageism at work Hilary Slater 12 age discrimination, ‘Equality and Diversity: age matters’
20041113 13/11/2004 POSTBAG: Movement needs the wisdom of age Rufus Adams 11 age discrimination, David Gibbs
20051018 18/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Ethical traders should not discriminate Nigel Keane 23 ethical trading, age discrimination, quinquennial review 2005
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Don't waste all this knowledge and vision Elaine Gwynne 18 Welsh Assembly, age discrimination, co-op values & principles, Workers' Educational Association (WEA)