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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: New guide to help co-ops get finance Co-op News 2 'Co-operative Capital’, New Ventures Panel of Co-operatives UK, Jim Brown
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Societies’ £500,000 for Co-op Party Co-op News 2 Co-op Party funding
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Congress attendance ‘fantastic’ - Reid Co-op News 3 Ben Reid
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: College producing development aids Co-op News 3 United Nations, Co-op College, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Department for International Development (DFID), Millennium Development Goals, West Midlands Social Economy Partnership, International Labour Organisation (ILO)
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: New indicators of ethical performance Co-op News 3 Co-operatives UK, UK Society for Co-operative Studies, Key Social and Co-operative performance Indicators
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Diversity figures must improve, warns HR chief Co-op News 4 Chris Herries, Richard Bide, ethnic minorities
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Reid sets sights on new horizons Co-op News 4 Ben Reid, Sustainable energy production, Co-operatives UK New Ventures Panel, public service provision, childcare, student housing
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Bland’s swipe at New Labour Co-op News 4 Co-op Party, Peter Hunt, Jonathan Bland, Social Enterprise Coalition
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Rubbish plea Co-op News 4 Co-op Bank, National Centre for Business and Sustainability, Erik Bichard
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Why co-operators must speak out Co-op News 5 global poverty, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Battle continues for co-op school Co-op News 5 Lowick Primary School, Cumbrian Community Learning Consortium
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: New account helps co-op enterprises Co-op News 5 Co-op Bank, Co-operatives Directplus
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: ICOF loans to the £1m mark Co-op News 5 Industrial Common Ownership Fund (ICOF)
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Linda’s lucky break Co-op News 5 New Lanark Mill Hotel, Linda Smith
20040605 05/06/2004 CONGRESS 2004: College’s £247,000 surplus Co-op News 5 Co-op College, Mervyn Wilson, Holyoake House
20040605 05/06/2004 Travelcare awards Co-op News 6 Travelcare Prudhhoe branch
20040605 05/06/2004 Social Enterprise survey on web Co-op News 6 Social Enterprise Coalition
20040605 05/06/2004 Co-op Press rule changes approved Co-op News 6 Co-op News, Jeanette Timmins, individual members of Co-op Press
20040605 05/06/2004 Fairtrade rande to double Co-op News 6 The Co-operative Group, Fairtrade
20040605 05/06/2004 Co-op MPs back Group’s ethical shopping report Co-op News 6 'Shopping with attitude’ report
20040605 05/06/2004 United snap up Ilkeston Co-op motor business Co-op News 6 Sunwin Motor Group, Peter Marks, United Co-operatives, Tony Teatum, Ilkeston Motor Group
20040605 05/06/2004 Iraq’s liberation is a democratic milestone Mike Gapes 7 Iraq, Basra
20040605 05/06/2004 Make or break time for the Movement Keith Darwin 8 Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Co-op Movement - regeneration of retail sector, obligations to other co-operative sectors, democratic process, quality of co-op boards, regionally based co-operatives, member benefits
20040605 05/06/2004 POSTBAG: Group on track under Beaumont Martin Rogan 11 Co-operative Movement, Colin Richell
20040605 05/06/2004 POSTBAG: Selling assets undermines us Ray Henderson 11 business portfolio, investment