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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040515 15/05/2004 POSTBAG: Housing co-ops deserve backing Sir Richard Knowles 10 sale of council houses, housing co-ops
20040515 15/05/2004 POSTBAG: Is Fairtrade fair to the customer? Ted Duley 10 Fairtrade
20040515 15/05/2004 Movements chance to make itself heard Glenys Thornton 11 Co-op Party, “Big Conversation”, Social Enterprise Coalition, Community Interest Company bill, Labour Party Policy Forum
20040515 15/05/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 11 North Eastern Sectional Board, Sir Arthur Sugden, Woolwich Society
20040515 15/05/2004 Indian villagers get a co-op boost Kevin McGrother 12 Bishopston Trading Company, KV Kuppam, Carolyn Woodwell
20040515 15/05/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 12 Car co-op growing – Straits Times Singapore
20040515 15/05/2004 Bill bows out as USDAW Chief Susan Press 13 Sir Bill Connor, Co-operative Commission (2001), Labour Party, John Hannett, USDAW, Sunday Trading Act (1994)
20040515 15/05/2004 SHOP TALK: Tesco phones a hit: Job cuts likely: Matalan improving: M&S tight lipped The Times, The Daily telegraph, The Independent, The Scotsman 13 Brian Baldock, Tesco Mobile, Stella Rimington, Morrisons, John Hargreaves, Safeway
20040515 15/05/2004 NACO/CRTG conference a big success Co-op News 14 Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), achievement awards, National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO)
20040515 15/05/2004 SPONSORED PAGE: Heart of England Co-op Heart of England Co-op 16 trading results
20040522 22/05/2004 New chairman salutes Burlton’s role Co-op News 1 Ben Reid, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Co-operatives UK, The Co-operative Group, Bob Burlton
20040522 22/05/2004 Group outlaws toxic chemicals Co-op News 1 toxic chemicals, The Co-operative Group, ‘Shopping With Attitude’, Professor Tim Lang
20040522 22/05/2004 United backing Iranian fund Co-op News 2 United Co-operatives, Peter Senior, Iranian Disaster Fund
20040522 22/05/2004 Perth’s £1m lifestyle store a first for UK Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Andrew Gill, Co-op Department store, Syncro
20040522 22/05/2004 Web development co-op launched Co-op News 2 Miracle Studios
20040522 22/05/2004 Non-elected directors may soon feature on Co-op Group boards Co-op News 3 Martin Beaumont, Financial Services Authority (FSA), Progressive Co-operators meeting
20040522 22/05/2004 Archbishop opens new credit union Co-op News 3 Waltham Forest Community Credit Union, Dr. Rowan Williams
20040522 22/05/2004 Leeds’ big Fairtrade chocolate give-away Co-op News 4 World Fair Trade Day, Leeds Co-op
20040522 22/05/2004 Syncro gains safety plaudit Co-op News 4 Syncro, National Safety Award, British Safety Council, The Co-operative Group, Brian Gallacher
20040522 22/05/2004 Group’s c-store deal ‘good value’ Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, Conveco convenience stores
20040522 22/05/2004 Social Enterprise awards launched Co-op News 4 North East Social Enterprise Partnership (NESEP)
20040522 22/05/2004 Co-op MPs back football motion Co-op News 4 Early Day Motion, Alan Keen MP, football
20040522 22/05/2004 Back from Iraq! Co-op News 6 Priory BMW, Steve Hopper
20040522 22/05/2004 Group linked with £66m Londis bid Co-op News 6 Londis, Musgrave, The Co-operative Group
20040522 22/05/2004 Bank shuns £6.9m in unethical trade Co-op News 6 ethical banking, Simon Williams, Co-op Bank