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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4069 15/07/1997 Why can't co-operators join their local society? Elaine Dean 4 Lanica, Andrew Regan, membership procedures, 'open membership', Co-operative Societies, Ilkeston Co-op
4069 15/07/1997 A good tune for educating the people David Lazell 5 Working-class movement, musical comedy, A. M. Thompson, The Clarion, Robert Blatchford, Robert Courtneidge, Co-operative News, W.M. Bamford
4069 15/07/1997 Bridge to Japan Co-op News 8 Japan, Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society, Toad Lane, Rochdale Pioneers Museum
4069 15/07/1997 COMMENT: Outside the stockade Co-op News 8 Mintel (market analyst), 'Co-operative Retailing' report, Regan, Institute of Grocery Distribution
4069 15/07/1997 German lessons for the UK Movement Iain Williamson 8 Japan, Co-op Movement in Britain, 'Pioneers of Co-operation, Germany
4069 15/07/1997 Hold tight for re-launch Co-op News 9 Co-op hosiery range
4069 15/07/1997 Housing co-ops build on record of success: Homes set for growth Co-op News 9 Stanford Hall, Co-operative Party weekend school, Birmingham, Midlands Co-op, Sandwell
4069 15/07/1997 Music to their ears Co-op News 9 Music for schools, Lincoln Co-operative Society
4069 15/07/1997 New president faces mounting pressure on staff and resources Co-op News 9 Funeral Standards Council, Tony McCarthy, Delma-Rose Yorath, Solihull
4069 15/07/1997 Scottish Women's Guild congress Co-op News 9 Drink drivers, suicides in prisons, Musselburgh
4069 15/07/1997 Arty students win Co-op's eco challenge Co-op News 10 Townshead School: St Albans, South Midland Co-op's Eco Challenge
4069 15/07/1997 MP pledges support for social economy Co-op News 10 Doug Naysmith MP, Bristol Community Support, Co-operative Development Agency
4069 15/07/1997 New man at the driving seat of United Co-op News 10 United Norwest Co-op, Richard Bevan
4069 15/07/1997 Norman rides off to Zimbabwe: Co-operator on 2 year business mission to Africa Co-op News 10 Southampton, Zimbabwe, Norman Rides, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM)
4069 15/07/1997 Plymco unveils plans to extend Co-op News 10 Plymouth and South Devon Co-operative Society, Whitleigh Green supermarket
4069 15/07/1997 Singers pick up community divi Co-op News 10 Portsea Island Co-op, Brian Dale, Buy-Lo store Poole
4069 15/07/1997 Big role for social economy Co-op News 11 “not for profit”, Glasgow University, “social economy”
4069 15/07/1997 Green crusaders tune up for eco-musical Co-op News 11 Cumbrian co-op, Whitehaven
4069 15/07/1997 Italian students key into United's computers Co-op News 11 United Norwest, Mark Craig, information technology
4069 15/07/1997 Smart way to win £1,000 Co-op News 11 Food and farming industry, Jeff Rooker, Science into Practice Awards
4069 15/07/1997 CWS buys travel outlets Co-op News 12 travel businesses of Plymouth & South Devon Society, Douglas Fletcher
4069 15/07/1997 Sean's trustee honour Co-op News 12 CRS, Sean Bish, Action for Kids
4069 15/07/1997 Sign of success Co-op News 12 CWS Property Group, Peter Neary, Neary Way, Manchester
4069 15/07/1997 Sky's the limit for top store Co-op News 12 Sky's Broadford Co-op, Scottish Co-op Store of the year, Marjory Mac Pherson, Danny Murray
4247 13/01/2001 Christmas opening hailed a success Co-op news 1 West Midlands Society, Christmas day opening