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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040327 27/03/2004 Shaun Spiers set to leave ABCUL Co-op News 6 Richard Collier, Shaun Spiers
20040327 27/03/2004 Mary Henderson elected president Co-op News 6 Mary Henderson, Richard Collier
20040327 27/03/2004 Training modules gain accreditation Co-op News 6 Institute of Financial Services (IFS), ABCUL training
20040327 27/03/2004 Mutual housing will be a boon for key workers David Drew 7 Mutual Home Ownership, David Rogers, Stroud, Community Land Trusts, CDS Co-operatives
20040327 27/03/2004 OUR VIEW: It's time for unity, realism and hope Co-op News 7 Iraq war, Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, protests
20040327 27/03/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: Co-op News 7 Nottingham Society, Fire at Penicuik Co-operative Association, European economic Community
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: Sustainable energy a co-op opportunity Babs Errington 10 members' suggestions, Combined Heat and Power units (CHP)
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: First co-op pub claim Malcolm Wallace 10 The Old Crown pub - Cumbria, Harwich and Dovercourt Society, The London Tavern
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: CFS is proud of its co-op status Russ Brady 10 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: Brand loyalty Sir Richard Knowles 10 Ken Scott, Ilkeston Co-op
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: Two simple questions Mike Paxton 10 Genetic Modification (GM)
20040327 27/03/2004 POSTBAG: Miners strike musings Eddie McDonnell 10 Tower Colliery, Tyrone O'Sullivan, Alf Robens, Ian McGregor
20040327 27/03/2004 Fairtrade success proves we can make a difference Andy Reed 11 cost of obesity to the NHS, trade justice, Fairtrade
20040327 27/03/2004 Day centre's struggle to keep its co-op activities Kevin McGrother 12 Durham Co-operative Development Agency, Mike Nelson, Journey Into Space, Scope on Teesside, The Candy Bar
20040327 27/03/2004 SHOP TALK: Dawn of a new era: Londis terms agreed: Tesco eyes China: M&S move doubt The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, The Scotsman, The Times 12 Big Food Group, Ting Hsin International, Morrisons
20040327 27/03/2004 Glenys is still a reformer at heart Susan Press 14 London Co-op, Fabian Society, Baroness Thornton, Woodcraft Folk, London School of Economics (LSE), Labour Party, Social Enterprise Coalition
20040327 27/03/2004 WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Rural co-op closed down (Victoria Australia)
20040410 10/04/2004 Record month for News website Co-op News 1 Co-op News printed version, Co-op News website
20040410 10/04/2004 United's £100m 'war chest' plan Co-op News 1 Peter Marks, United Co-operatives
20040410 10/04/2004 Lucky escape for complex Co-op News 1 Co-operative complex – Manchester, underground fire
20040410 10/04/2004 Bank's record deal Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank, Manchester Airports Group (MAG), Keith Alderson, AIB Capital Markets
20040410 10/04/2004 Group to tackle diversity issues Co-op News 2 Mags Bradbury, Richard Bide, Diversity Working Group, The Co-operative Group, Human Resources, Chris Herries
20040410 10/04/2004 West Midlands recognised Co-op News 2 West Midlands Co-op, Ben Reid
20040410 10/04/2004 USDAW welcomes Christmas Trading Bill Co-op News 3 Christmas trading, USDAW, Mike Gapes MP, Kevan Jones MP
20040410 10/04/2004 Hoult for President Co-op News 3 United Norwest Society, United Co-operatives