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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040117 17/01/2004 CTTG makes instant impact Co-op News 1 Mike Greenacre, Mike Beaumont, Thomas Cook, Willie Tucker, Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG)
20040117 17/01/2004 Co-op Group silent on media claims Co-op News 1 Bill Grimsey, Londis, Budgens, Phil Edwards, The Big Food Group, The Co-operative Group, Musgrave
20040117 17/01/2004 Olive launches new-look Sherburn store Co-op News 2 Sherburn store, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Olive Oxley
20040117 17/01/2004 Co-op Press to admit individual members Co-op News 2 Jeanette Timmins, Co-operative Press Review Group, Co-operative Press membership, Co-op News
20040117 17/01/2004 A co-op solution to conflict? Co-op News 2 Manchester Area Co-op Party, Arab-Israeli conflict
20040117 17/01/2004 New era for Co-op shopping in the Western Isles Co-op News 3 South Uist, Daliburgh
20040117 17/01/2004 Ipswich Chief to step down in 2004 Co-op News 3 Bill Brown, Ipswich and Norwich Co-op
20040117 17/01/2004 Top Scottish role for Lee Co-op News 3 Jim Lee, Co-op Party, Joe Hill
20040117 17/01/2004 Creamery jobs to go Co-op News 3 Leeds, The Co-operative Group, Denbigh, Associated Co-operative Creameries (ACC)
20040117 17/01/2004 Housing co-op gets £2,000 grant Co-op News 4 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Co-op Housing in Partnership
20040117 17/01/2004 Co-op Action’s help for broadband plan Co-op News 4 Community Broadband Network, Co-operative Action
20040117 17/01/2004 Group’s investment in customer service Co-op News 4 Keith Brydon, The Co-operative Group, Store First programme
20040117 17/01/2004 Clarice’s memorial is the gift of water Co-op News 4 Clarice Nuttall, Clarice’s Well, Oldham Co-operative Members Group, Kenya, Fairtrade projects
20040117 17/01/2004 OUR VIEW: Don’t let Kilroy be a free speech ‘martyr’ Co-op News 6 racist comments, Robert Kilroy-Silk, Sunday Express
20040117 17/01/2004 Good governance is a matter of survival Alan Middleton 6 corporate governance, Co-op Societies
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Diabetes argument needs clarification Benet Middleton 10 Dr Matthew Kiln, Diabetes UK
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: There is a place for larger stores Ray Henderson 10 Midlands Co-op, Thurmaston Hypermarket, Colin Richell, Willie Tucker
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Missing the Fairtrade point? Lee Hodges 10 Co-op Fairtrade chocolate adverts
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Time for Blair to go Stuart Calton 10 Andy Love MP, Tony Blair, New Labour
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Ethical moves applauded Chrissie Pearce 10 The Co-operative Group, Genetic Modification (GM), Hertfordshire and Essex Area Committee
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Parliament’s anti-GM group David Drew 10 John Merrett Bloom, Genetic Modification (GM)
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Profits define Group’s success Martin Beaumont 11 Cynthia Matthews, The Co-operative Group business portfolio
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: We have to fight against store closures Leslie Freitag 11 The Co-operative Group business portfolio, Cynthia Matthews
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Group’s approach realistic Gareth Howell 11 farm business, Goliath Footwear, The Co-operative Group, Cynthia Matthews, Martin Beaumont
20040117 17/01/2004 POSTBAG: Keep it simple Mike Paxton 11 simple lifestyle