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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Time we scrapped plans for foundation hospitals John Merrett Bloom, 10 NHS, Keir Stitt, Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Strident Zionism is not a solution Martin Rogan 10 Margaret Toch, Europe, Palestine, the euro, Northern Ireland, Edward Said
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Standards falling short John Wade 10 The Co-operative Group, Port Ellen - Islay, Bowmore - Islay
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Show a united front Ray Manning 10 Iraq, Linda Gilroy MP, the Middle East
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Israel wants peace but not at any price Joy Wolfe 11 Margaret Toch, Israel, Palestine, Faith Minnion, the Middle East conflict
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Lectured like a naughty schoolboy Colin Richell 11 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont, Goliath Footwear, management decisions
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Delighted by GM decision G. Roberts 11 The Co-operative Group, Genetic Modification (GM)
20031108 08/11/2003 POSTBAG: Show us the bigger picture David Feeney 11 Martin Beaumont, Co-operative businesses return on capital employed
20031108 08/11/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION: Bank tries merger: Reaching for the stars: Health cover up: Co-ops revival scheme Anthony Murray 11 Ahmedabad Newsline – India, Japan Today, WISC – Wisconsin USA, Mindanao Times – Philippines
20031108 08/11/2003 Fairtrade gears up for tenth anniversary Kevin McGrother 12 Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade Fortnight March 2003, “A Taste For Life”, Tania Lowry, Fairtrade Foundation
20031108 08/11/2003 University not just for middle-class children Meg Munn 12 Myrtle Springs secondary school, South Yorkshire, university fees
20031108 08/11/2003 College plans to boost Third World Susan Press 13 Co-op College, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Mervyn Wilson, Department for International Development (DFID), Millennium Development Goals, Holyoake House
20031108 08/11/2003 SHOP TALK: Surplus store sales: Asda plays catch up: M&S for Glasgow The Independent, The Times, The Scotsman 13 Tesco, Sainsbury, Safeway, William Morrison, ‘Simply Food’
20031108 08/11/2003 Young Film Makers Co-operate Co-op News 14 BBC, Co-operative Young Film-Makers Festival, Kevin Rowntree, John Wood, Woodrush High School, Greenwood Dale School
20031115 15/11/2003 United and Ilkeston scoop awards Co-op News 1 travel, Awards, United Co-operatives, Sarah Johnson, Weston Coyney, Ilkeston Co-op Travel (ICT), Phil Kirby
20031115 15/11/2003 Axe falls on Group’s dairy farm interests Co-op News 1 Common Agricultural Policy, Martin Beaumont, Farmcare, Christine Tacon, dairy farming
20031115 15/11/2003 Conference on citizenship a hit Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Values & Principles Committee
20031115 15/11/2003 Co-op action boosts farming co-operation Co-op News 2 Co-operative Action, Jo Bird, Bristol, the Soil Association, Community Supported Agriculture, ‘Cultivating Communities’ project
20031115 15/11/2003 Party’s election panel announced Co-op News 2 Co-op Party, The London Assembly, Parliamentary Panel
20031115 15/11/2003 North East and Cunbria’s charity milestone Co-op News 3 Federation Brewery, Terry Morton, Marie Curie Cancer Care, NSPCC, Children’s Hospices
20031115 15/11/2003 Ipswich’s profits reach new records Co-op News 3 Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, Community Dividend Scheme, community programme, Bill Brown
20031115 15/11/2003 Rural social enterprise initiative Co-op News 3 Alun Michael MP, Plunkett Foundation, National Rural Social Enterprise Conference, Barbara Philips, Professor Tim Lang, John Pearce
20031115 15/11/2003 Wine team’s new recruits Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Carole Nicholson, Maria Gallup, Barney Davis
20031115 15/11/2003 Former Alldays store gets makeover Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, Charlton Kings – Cheltenham, Paul Bessant
20031115 15/11/2003 Midlands to close Thurmaston store Co-op News 4 ASDA, Midlands Co-op, Lord Morris of Manchester, Leicestershire, Alison Cooper, Government maladministration, Parliamentary Ombudsman, Lord Fyfe of Fairfield