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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030927 27/09/2003 Double top for West Midlands Co-op News 2 West Midlands Co-op, Peoples Choice awards, Co-op Travel
20030927 27/09/2003 New body supports public service co-ops Co-op News 2 Pauline Green, Co-operatives UK, ‘Public Sector Services’, Co-operative Action, New Ventures Panel, Mick Taylor, Mutual Advantage, Helen Shaw
20030927 27/09/2003 Co-op Group’s beer deal Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Cains Brewery, co-op own label beer
20030927 27/09/2003 CIS celebrates a world first Co-op News 3 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), environmental management system, Elliot Morley MP, Finan O’Boyle, plastic, carbon dioxide emissions, renewable electricity, Social and Environmental Reporting
20030927 27/09/2003 Losses force sale of footwear company Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Goliath industrial footwear, Turkish safety footwear (Yakupoglu)
20030927 27/09/2003 Co-op Party conference – Newcastle: Party fees set to rise warns Hunt Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 4 Peter Hunt, Gareth Thomas MP, Co-op Party subscriptions
20030927 27/09/2003 'Shared agenda’ hailed by Byers Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 4 Labour Party, Ian McCartney MP, Stephen Byers MP
20030927 27/09/2003 Uniting against globalisation Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 4 Nigel Steers, Roy Mayhew, General Agreement on Trade and Services
20030927 27/09/2003 Regional assembly plans endorsed Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 4 regional government, Margaret Melling, Dan Crowe
20030927 27/09/2003 No to compulsion Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 4 compulsory voting
20030927 27/09/2003 Time to target the young, says Thomas Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 Labour Party, Peter Hunt, Gareth Thomas MP, Party politics
20030927 27/09/2003 Support for the ‘News’ Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 Sylvia Renilson, Chris Sewell, Co-op News, Co-op Press, Steve Thompson
20030927 27/09/2003 Co-op Party Conference – Newcastle: Foundation Hospitals get Party’s backing Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 Alun Michael MP, NHS, Peter Hunt, foundation hospitals, Labour Government, Keir Stitt, Barbara Moores, Christine May MSP, Scottish Co-operative Development Agency
20030927 27/09/2003 Motions carried Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 animal welfare, fly posting
20030927 27/09/2003 CTTG appointments Co-op News 6 Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG)
20030927 27/09/2003 Social enterprise finds a new voice in London Co-op News 6 London Social Enterprise Network, Carolyn Pedwell
20030927 27/09/2003 Mayoral backing for Co-op MPs ‘mutual’ Olympics Co-op News 6 Andy Love MP, Ken Livingstone, Olympic mutuality
20030927 27/09/2003 All systems go for energy co-op Co-op News 6 Baywind Energy Co-operative (Cumbria), Andrew King, Harlock Hill wind farm
20030927 27/09/2003 POSTBAG: Fatuous arguments of anti-hunting lobby Eddie McDonnell 10 British National Party (BNP), David Drew MP, hunting fraternity
20030927 27/09/2003 POSTBAG: Co-op Group should back local enterprise David Chambers 10 co-op newspapers, cards, Co-op Group shops
20030927 27/09/2003 POSTBAG: Is this really fair trade? John Wright 10 The Co-operative Group, ‘fairtrade’ chocolate
20030927 27/09/2003 POSTBAG: NHS line a vote winner Chris Sewell 10 Co-op Party, Peter Hunt, foundation hospitals
20030927 27/09/2003 POSTBAG: Co-operation and the world order George Conchie 10 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Ivano Barberini, Iain MacDonald, The Society for Co-operative Studies
20030927 27/09/2003 Why the Swedes were right to reject the euro John Hamer 11 Sweden, European currency, referendum, Anna Lindh, European Commission
20030927 27/09/2003 OUR VIEW: Lib Dems steal Labour’s clothes Co-op News 11 Populus survey, Brent East by-election