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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: This is not an exact science Irene Wade 10 Genetic Modification (GM), ‘Genetic Engineering – Dream or Nightmare?’, Dr Mae-Wan Ho
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Unpleasant reality of SPUC Keith Reed 10 Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), Alison Davis, Voluntary Euthanasia Society, euthanasia law
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Morning Star not wanted in stores Colin Richell 10 superstores, Communist Party, The Morning Star, Ivan Beavis
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Misguided view of history Martin Rogan 10 European Fascism, credit unions, F. W. Kaiffeisen, Margaret Toch
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Sell the ‘News’ instead Elizabeth Mary Harris 10 Co-operative News, The Morning Star, Ivan Beavis
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: BNP officials violent past Stuart Calton 11 British National Party (BNP), Adolf Hitler, Dr Phil Edwards, Nazism
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: BNP incites race hatred Debbie Brannan 11 Dr Phil Edwards, Nazi, British National Party (BNP), racism
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Walking a political tightrope Alasdair Russell 11 government spin
20030823 23/08/2003 POSTBAG: Naive smear Eddie McDonnell 11 British National Party (BNP), hunting
20030823 23/08/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION: The Listening Co-op: Australian Growth: Co-ops Power struggle: Workers’ co-op plan Anthony Murray 11 Billings Gazette – Montana – USA, 'Stuff’ - New Zealand, CBC New Brunswick - Canada, Sydney Morning Herald – Australia
20030823 23/08/2003 Free computers boost community groups Kevin McGrother 12 Community Computer Technicians (CCT) Ltd, Cleveland Community Foundation, One North East, Cleaveland Co-operative Development Agency, Saltburn, Neil Harland, Tees Valley, Digital Communities
20030823 23/08/2003 Lindsay happy in his 30 – year NACO role Susan Press 13 Lindsay Ewing, Andrew Regan, National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), Hobson, Neil Buist, CWS
20030830 30/08/2003 New CTTG all set for launch Co-op News 1 Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG), Mike Beaumont
20030830 30/08/2003 Party’s four key aims for Labour Co-op News 1 ‘Putting the Public Back into Public Services’, ‘Democracy at Work’, Labour election manifesto, corporate social responsibility, Gareth Thomas, Better Business report, Peter Hunt
20030830 30/08/2003 Daring duo’s charity plunge Co-op News 2 Co-operative Funeralcare – Irvine, “zipline challenge”
20030830 30/08/2003 Group’s challenge on bread and milk Co-op News 2 milk, The Co-operative Group, bread
20030830 30/08/2003 Movement could help Jamaca Co-op News 2 Richard Davis, Arawak Housing Association
20030830 30/08/2003 Fairtrade events aim to spread the word Co-op News 3 The Fairtrade Foundation, Free vs Fair debate, George Alagiah, BBC
20030830 30/08/2003 UK first as OSG c-store features self-scan tills Co-op News 3 Walton Street- Oxford, Bill Laird, U-Scan, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society
20030830 30/08/2003 New look Strood Travelcare Co-op News 4 Travelcare branch refurbishment
20030830 30/08/2003 Co-operators flock to Oslo Co-op News 4 International Co-operative Alliance General Assembly, Oslo
20030830 30/08/2003 New credit union is Wales’ largest Co-op News 5 Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Rhondda Cynon Taff, Richard Collier
20030830 30/08/2003 Mutual to send aid convoy to Moldova Co-op News 5 Transnistria- Moldovia, Communication Workers Friendly Society (CWFS), Tiraspol Psycho-neurological Hospital, financial support, Edward Chapman
20030830 30/08/2003 Co-op Group’s taste of Italy Co-op News 5 Italian-style products
20030830 30/08/2003 Travelcare games boost charity Co-op News 5 North west and North East England Travelcare branches, Association of Children’s Hospices