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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4062 27/05/1997 Praise for victors in the Lanica fight Co-op News 5 CWS, Lanica, Bruce Bennett (Inner London CRS), Harry Twigg (Sheffield Society), George Brown (Scottish Midland Society), Frank Croft, Alan Gill, The Rochdale Pioneers, co-operative principles, Katherine Patterson (Midlands Society), possible merger (CWS/CRS)
4062 27/05/1997 Call for closer ties between CTRG and CIS Co-op News 6 CWS, CRS, purchasing, distribution, warehousing, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), advertising
4062 27/05/1997 Mutual profits for members Co-op News 6 retail sector, trading, Dividend
4062 27/05/1997 Smart move by Co-operative Bank set to keep ahead of rivals in technology race Co-op News 6 CWS, Alan Prescott, The Co-operative Bank, smartcard technology
4062 27/05/1997 Why the battle for the Co-op doesn't end with Lanica: CWS Annual General Meeting Co-op News 6 CWS, Co-operative Union, Lanica, Andrew Regan, Pat Watters (CWS Scottish Southern Region), CWS assets, the Co-op difference, George Brown, Frank Croft, Donald Maclean, the Stornoway store, Beryl Fulshaw, Derek Smythe, Co-op College, Vivian Woodell
4062 27/05/1997 Building up profits for the future Co-op News 7 CWS, Profit growth, David Wise, dividend card pilot scheme, scanning
4062 27/05/1997 Board welcomes chance to explain its approach to motions Co-op News 8 CWS, Wessex Region CRS, Edgar Evans
4062 27/05/1997 Call for more high street branches Co-op News 8 Co-op Bank, telephone banking, IT driven initiatives, Leeds Co-op, bank cash machines
4062 27/05/1997 Melmoth ready for the challenge of getting co-op's act together Co-op News 8 CWS, Regan, Lanica, Graham Melmoth, Raunds Society, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
4062 27/05/1997 War toys come under attack Co-op News 8 Pat Wheatly, Kent & Sussex CRS Regional Committee, war toys
4062 27/05/1997 NEWS IN PICTURES Members meet Women's Guild President Co-op News 9 Co-op Women's Guild, Torbay, Plymouth, Pat Howe
4062 27/05/1997 NEWS IN PICTURES Model experience Co-op News 9 Warrington, fashion show
4062 27/05/1997 NEWS IN PICTURES Smile please you're on a co-op camera Co-op News 9 Bradley Boniface, St Andrews Infants and nursery school, Colchester Society
4062 27/05/1997 NEWS IN PICTURES Pupils right on key Co-op News 9 Prudhoe, West First School, piano, North Eastern Co-op Music for Schools Scheme
4062 27/05/1997 Funerals in store at CRS Co-op News 10 CRS funerals business, Ben Jackson
4062 27/05/1997 June Garden Alan Cliff 10 varieties of potato, flowers
4062 27/05/1997 MEP backs caribbean bananas Co-op News 10 Labour/Co-op MEP Richard Balfe, Latin America, Caibbean, World Trade Organisation
4062 27/05/1997 Scaling the heights for fishy festival Co-op News 10 North Shields, Joanne Knudsen, Fish Quay Festival, North Easter Co-op
4062 27/05/1997 Battle for top travel awards Co-op News 11 travel, Awards
4062 27/05/1997 Society vows to support Fairtrade Co-op News 11 CWS, Leeds Co-op, working conditions, boycott, the suppliers charter, Alan Gill, Fairtrade, ethics
4062 27/05/1997 These boots were made for walking Co-op News 11 CRS, the Oxfam walk, community, John Evans, Cambridge
4062 27/05/1997 Bank welcomes ban Co-op News 12 Co-operative Bank, anti-personnel landmines, ban
4062 27/05/1997 Lanica trio due in court Co-op News 12 CWS, David Lyons, Galileo, Lanica, Andrew Regan, theft, stolen property, CWS documents, Allan Green
4062 27/05/1997 Lovely bubbly prices Co-op News 12 champaign, Moet, Chandon, Co-op Drinks Festival, Steve Parker
4062 27/05/1997 Scots CWS sells off historic home: Societies sell assets to help cut losses and reduce costs Co-op News 12 Co-op in Glasgow, Catren Property Holdings, Scotmid closes Dundee site, CWS headquarters