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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030809 09/08/2003 Beverley's golden silence Co-op News 5 Beverley Scowen, Children's Hospice association
20030809 09/08/2003 Anti-bomb campaign wins bank top award Co-op News 6 Co-op Bank, Sue Adkins, 'customers who care' programme, Cause Related Marketing
20030809 09/08/2003 New training centre Co-op News 6 training facilities, Heart of England Co-op
20030809 09/08/2003 Seminar success Co-op News 6 Linda Reakes, Colchester and East Essex Co-op, loss prevention
20030809 09/08/2003 Tony’s in trouble – and so are we Lord Graham 7 Iraq crisis, Labour Party, House of Lords reform failure, Tony Blair
20030809 09/08/2003 OUR VIEW: Will Tony break Harold’s record? Co-op News 7 Clement Attlee, Tony Blair, Harold Wilson
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: News should be available in stores Richard Bickle 10 Martin Beaumont, Co-op News distribution
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: Small can be beautiful Ken Nolan 10 Radstock Co-op, Gandhi, Tim Pearce, co-operative brewers
20030809 09/08/2003 Panel reflects broad movement Pauline Green 10 Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Bob Cannell, Suma Wholefoods, Adrian Coles, Corporate Governance review panel, Co-operatives UK, Shaun Spiers, Building Societies Association, Blaise Lambert, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: BNP not a violent party Dr. Phil Edwards 10 British National Party (BNP)
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: Not such a lone voice Alistair Graham 10 Colin Richell, co-op superstores, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, The Co-operative Group, Radstock Co-op
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: Europe’s common heritage and future James Nicholl 11 Europe, Margaret Toch, Will Hutton, Versailles Treaty
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: Why don’t Co-op stores sell the Morning Star Ivan Beavis 11 Co-operative Union, Durham Miners Gala, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), People’s Press Printing Society
20030809 09/08/2003 POSTBAG: Keep the pound, keep our freedom Pamela Edwards 11 Martin Rogan, Labour Party, Maynard Keynes, Peter Hunt, Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), Co-op Party
20030809 09/08/2003 Calling time on ageism at work Hilary Slater 12 age discrimination, ‘Equality and Diversity: age matters’
20030809 09/08/2003 Kids’ stuff for Carol as OSG blaze trail for entire Movement Susan Press 13 Little Scholars, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Childcare, Oxford City Council, Carol Jenkins
20030809 09/08/2003 SHOP TALK: Summer sales soar: Somerfield buy-back: Morrisons heads north The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman 13 John Lewis, Kilmarnock
20030809 09/08/2003 An eloquent motivator of a co-op generation Rita Rhodes 14 London Co-op Education Committee, Co-op Party, Arnold Bonner, Co-op Union Education Department, ICA, Robert Leckie Marshall, Co-op College
20030809 09/08/2003 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 14 Birmingham Co-operative Society, Brandon and Byshottles Society, B. Teltlow, Central Co-operative Society Blyth
20030809 09/08/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION: Official recognition: Dairy jobs to go: ICA helps Vietnam: Rally in Finances: No to coffee merger Anthony Murray 15 Vietnam, Vermont USA, Maryland US, Ireland, Nairobi Africa
20030816 16/08/2003 United opt for Rochdale HQ Co-op News 1 Sandbrook Park, Peter Marks, United Co-operatives
20030816 16/08/2003 Co-op Group to sue Regan for lost £10 million Co-op News 1 Serious Fraud Office, David Chambers, CWS, Nick Eyre, Ronald Zimet, Andrew Regan, Allan Green
20030816 16/08/2003 Milkmen’s grand charity effort Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op milkmen, MacMillan Cancer Relief
20030816 16/08/2003 Travelcare buys flights specialist Co-op News 2 Just Flights, The Co-operative Group Travelcare
20030816 16/08/2003 Co-op dairy depot raided by OFT Co-op News 2 Associated Co-operative Creameries (ACC), Blaydon Tyne & Wear