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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030705 05/07/2003 OUR VIEW: Welcome move by Co-op Group: Regime change at Westminster? Co-op News 7 Alldays, Balfour Stores, The Co-operative Group, “dodgy dossier” on Iraq, Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell
20030705 05/07/2003 POSTBAG: We must join together and beat globalisation Ken Nolan 10 Co-operatives UK, Iain MacDonald
20030705 05/07/2003 POSTBAG: Are there offers we can refuse? Colin Richell 10 Northern Ireland Co-op, Ballymena
20030705 05/07/2003 POSTBAG: We must fight to save our pound Margaret Toch 10 European Union, the euro, the pound
20030705 05/07/2003 POSTBAG: Travelcare report is welcome Chris Richardson 10 Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG), Travelcare Holiday Report 2003, Tourism Concern
20030705 05/07/2003 A Scottish shambles of an electoral system J. W. Taylor 10 Lib Dems for PR, Jack McConnell MSP, Ian Davidson
20030705 05/07/2003 POSTBAG: Classy new look Derek Bull 10 Co-op News new format
20030705 05/07/2003 Ipswich and Norwich catches co-operators of the future Kevin McGrother 11 Co-operative Women’s Guilds, Pam Walker, Woodcraft Folk, Dynamix
20030705 05/07/2003 A shining example of a true educator Melvyn Butcher 12 Robert Leckie, Stanford Hall, Co-op College
20030705 05/07/2003 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 12 Co-operative Development Agency Bill, Padiham Industrial Society, National Co-operative Wages Board
20030705 05/07/2003 Richard’s revitalised society shows heart Susan Press 13 Chelmsford Star Co-op, Heart of England Co-op, sale of tobacco, Richard Samson
20030705 05/07/2003 SHOP TALK: Interim Safeway report: Sainsbry’s woes: Retirement age up The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph 13 Woolworths, Safeway takeover, Sir Peter Davis, Morrison’s
20030705 05/07/2003 Time to defend ideals and principles that work David Lazell 14 Percy Redfern, William Pare, T. W. Mercer, Walt Whitman, Co-op College, ‘Grocery and the Millienium, Trades and Labour Council, J.C. Gray, WEA
20030719 19/07/2003 Celebrating International Co-op Day Co-op News 1 New Lanark
20030719 19/07/2003 Hunt’s call for unity in Party Co-op News 1 Co-op Party, Foundation Hospitals Bill
20030719 19/07/2003 Co-op celebrations at New Lanark Co-op News 2 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Iain MacDonald
20030719 19/07/2003 Foundation aims to build on its success Co-op News 2 Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb
20030719 19/07/2003 Boost for Co-op pharmacists Co-op News 2 West Midlands Co-op
20030719 19/07/2003 Happy 21st for Welsh Centre Co-op News 3 Wales Co-operative Centre, Edwina Hart AM, David Jenkins, Lorraine Barrett AM
20030719 19/07/2003 Co-ops UK to launch best practice review Co-op News 3 Adrian Coles, Pauline Green, corporate governance
20030719 19/07/2003 Plymouth launch members’ drive Co-op News 4 Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20030719 19/07/2003 USDAW call for action on store safety Co-op News 4 Freedom From Fear Campaign, Sharon King, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Mark Duckworth, John Hannett
20030719 19/07/2003 New guide helps grieving process Co-op News 6 Richard Gomersall, Professor Andrew Motion, ‘Well Chosen Words’, Funeralcare
20030719 19/07/2003 Store move boosts union Co-op News 6 Parkstone supermarket, The Co-operative Group, Dolphin Credit Union
20030719 19/07/2003 Teenage pregnancy – a political priority Andy Love 7 Teenage Parents Support Project Enfield, Edmonton, United Nations Children’s Fund