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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20020914 14/09/2002 OBITUARY: Michael Burns Co-op News 7 The Co-operative Group, Labour Party, Transport and General Union
20020914 14/09/2002 NEWS POSTBAG: Labour links remain solid David Drew MP 7 Co-op Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Bob Russell
20020914 14/09/2002 Labour must stand up to the fox-hunting lobby: Time to put an end to this barbaric so-called ‘sport’ John Merret Bloom 10 Holyrood Parliament, The House of Commons, The House of Lords, RSPCA, The National Trust, Professor Patrick Bateson
20020914 14/09/2002 We need to know the facts about Saddam’s arms: Debate on Iraq a win-win scenario for Blair Lord Graham 12 Tony Blair, George Bush, Gulf War
20020914 14/09/2002 The Aire Valley and its timeless charm Philip Curtis 13 Baildon, Saltaire
20020914 14/09/2002 SHOP TALK: Green revises offer: Bumper pay-off: M&S supplier hit The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph 13 Philip Green, Kingfisher, Desmond and Sons
20020914 14/09/2002 THE WAY WE WERE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 13 Co-operative Production Federation, High Level Motors
20020914 14/09/2002 POSTBAG EXTRA: United’s new members must assert their rights MD Mathieson 14 Co-op Union, United Co-operatives, Alan Middleton, mergers
20020914 14/09/2002 POSTBAG EXTRA: EU diminishes UK’s powers R. McKay 14 Margaret Toch, the euro, Nice Treaty
20020914 14/09/2002 POSTBAG EXTRA: Party’s stance is wrong D. Schofield 14 Co-op Party, Labour Party, Peter Hunt
20020914 14/09/2002 POSTBAG EXTRA: Who really runs our societies? Colin Richell 14 Alan Middleton, chief executive officers
20020914 14/09/2002 OSG welcomes Czech co-operators Co-op News 15 Bob Burlton, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Banka Markovicover
20020914 14/09/2002 CIS helps fund drugs project Co-op News 15 Bradford, Co-operative Community Grants Scheme, Ripple Project, David Carpenter, drug prevention
20020914 14/09/2002 Safeway director backs farmers’ co-op approach Co-op News 15 Kevin Hawkins, Farmers For Action (FFA), David Handley
20020914 14/09/2002 SPONSORED PAGE: Conference reflects on parliamentary successes: Conference will round off a year of genuine progress Co-op Party 16 Gareth Thomas MP, mark Lazarowicz MP, Employee Share Schemes Bill, Private Members Bills, Enterprise Bill, I&P Society fees, Industrial and Provident Societies Bill
20021102 02/11/2002 'Co-op Chancellor’ backs mutual option Co-op News 1 Gordon Brown, Co-op Party, Peter Hunt, Mutuo
20021102 02/11/2002 Co-op Group pays £131m for Alldays: 630 stores and 10,500 staff join Movement Co-op News 1 Martin Beaumont, Bill Brown, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
20021102 02/11/2002 United name their top team Co-op News 2 Peter Marks, Chris Thompson, Steve Johnson
20021102 02/11/2002 Award for bank Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank, Mervyn Pedelty, sustainable development
20021102 02/11/2002 Yorkshire board members retire Co-op News 2 Yorkshire Co-op
20021102 02/11/2002 Chairman confident of sell off Co-op News 2 Co-operative Cleaners, Alan Middleton
20021102 02/11/2002 Website launched Co-op News 3 ethical trading, Fairtrade, Co-operative Development, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Poptel
20021102 02/11/2002 Anti fraud initiative aims to cut losses Co-op News 3 'Don’t Stand For Fraud’
20021102 02/11/2002 Manchester’s tremors shake Co-op staff Co-op News 3 earthquakes, Manchester Co-op sites
20021102 02/11/2002 Concern over MyTravel Co-op News 3 MyTravel, Travelcare, Thomas Cook, Phil Edwards