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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20020824 24/08/2002 Fair Trade store for Glasgow Co-op News 3 British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS), Edinburgh One World Shop
20020824 24/08/2002 Co-op Party donations match Lib Dem’s gifts Co-op News 3 the Electoral Commission
20020824 24/08/2002 Movement prepares for Credit Union Day Co-op News 3 World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)
20020824 24/08/2002 Grant helping nursery move Co-op News 4 Shotley Bridge Co. Durham, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op
20020824 24/08/2002 ICA is stable Co-op News 4 ICA, membership
20020824 24/08/2002 Leeds Co-op achieves best profits in decade Co-op News 4 Leeds Co-op, Alan Gill
20020824 24/08/2002 C-stores facing a wave of crime Colin Richell 4 Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), David Rae
20020824 24/08/2002 Housing co-ops popular in Scotland Co-op News 4 Scottish Households Survey
20020824 24/08/2002 COMMENT: All change in the world of soccer Co-op News 6 Co-op Party, football, Chris Smith MP, Peter Hunt, ‘New Mutualism’, Supporters Direct
20020824 24/08/2002 Collaboration may stop store closures Herbert Daybell 6 Toton Superstore, East Midlands Co-op, co-op shoppers, convenience stores
20020824 24/08/2002 NEWS POSTBAG: Movement needs to examine Labour links Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat MP 7 Co-operative Movement, Charles Kennedy MP, Labour Party
20020824 24/08/2002 NEWS POSTBAG: Small societies unfair penalties Matt Coulson,General Manager Allendale Co-op 7 FSA, CWS Retail, Gareth Thomas MP
20020824 24/08/2002 NEWS POSTBAG: Misled on Europe Margaret Toch 7 European Union, Chris Sewell, The league of Nations
20020824 24/08/2002 WESTMINSTER DIARY: Don Touhig 7 national minimum wage, Labour Party, social inclusion, Minimum Income Guarantee, Pensions Credit
20020824 24/08/2002 NEWS POSTBAG: Why the wait to join Euro? Chris Sewell 7 Jim Craigen MP, common currency, Sir Eddie George
20020824 24/08/2002 Cash benefits and the co-op archive: Preserved history is as good as money in the bank David Lazell 10 Co-operative Movement, archives, Ron Roffey, Jenny DeVilliers, ‘The Co-operative Review’, ‘The Co-operative Educator’, William Hazell, National Co-operative Archive, Stanford Hall, Gillian Lonergan, Co-op College, Holyoake House
20020824 24/08/2002 Healthy eating initiative Co-op News 11 Welsh Association of Youth Clubs
20020824 24/08/2002 Tributes paid to stalwart Percy Bennett NOTE PART OF THIS ARTICLE IS MISSING Co-op News 11 Co-op Party, Chelmsford
20020824 24/08/2002 Rock band shows what can be done Co-op News 12 The Firestone Rock Band, Redhill
20020824 24/08/2002 Title to be added Kevin McGrother 12 Citizenship in the 21st Century Conference, Oxfordshire
20020824 24/08/2002 Manchester is full of history and more Philip Curtis 13 Manchester history
20020824 24/08/2002 SHOP TALK: Asda sales sparkle: Third man poached: Wal-Mart booming The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times 13 ASDA, Paul Mason, George Davies, Phil Dutton
20020824 24/08/2002 THE WAY WE WERE: 50 YEARS AGO: 25 YEARS AGO Co-op News 13 Co-operative Laundry Trade Association, co-operative trade
20020824 24/08/2002 Woodcraft Folk head for summit Co-op News 14 United Nations, Matt Carroll, Johannesburg Earth Summit, Tamsin Pearce, sustainability, world poverty, Tony Blair
20020824 24/08/2002 A clearer internet identity for co-ops Co-op News 14 web-addresses, community name programme, dotcoop