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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20011201 01/12/2001 ICOM’s merger with Union approved Co-op News 1 Co-op Union, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM)
20011201 01/12/2001 United set new record Co-op News 2 United Co-operatives, United Co-op Hospices Appeal, charity, Jim Bowen
20011201 01/12/2001 West Midlands growing again Co-op News 2 West Midlands Society pharmacy
20011201 01/12/2001 On-line off-licence becomes a reality: Co-operative Group’s venture is an innovation Colin Richell 2 beers, spirits, wines
20011201 01/12/2001 Charity theft shame Co-op News 2 Southern Co-operatives, Boyatt Wood
20011201 01/12/2001 Bank boosts RSPB Co-op News 2 ‘Friday Night is Music Night concert’, Co-op Bank
20011201 01/12/2001 West Midlands reports record trading profits: Turnover also up in a year of substantial new growth Co-op News 3 West Midlands Society, Ben Reid
20011201 01/12/2001 Co-operative Group ready to take the fear out of funerals Co-op News 4 ‘Taking Fear out of Funerals report’, Claire Rayner OBE, Yvonne Rankin, Funeralcare Forum
20011201 01/12/2001 Independent Co-ops leading the way to healthier eating Simon Binns 5 wholefoods, Kelly Bubble, Rowena Ross, SUMA, Unicorn Grocery
20011201 01/12/2001 A fascinating A-Z of the word’s languages: Book Choice Jim Cragen 5 'Dictionary of Languages’
20011201 01/12/2001 We must try to increase the public debate on mutual solutions: Survival of the fittest ideas not about natural selection Geraint Day 6 Rail Passenger Council, Co-op Union, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM), United Kingdom Co-operative Council (UKCC), Strategic Rail Authority (SRA), Co-operative Congress
20011201 01/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Let’s attack the real competition Martin Beaumont 7 Harry Twigg, United Norwest, co-operative society trading areas, Sheffield Co-operative Society
20011201 01/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Evangelical zeal may not be enough Bill Jordan 7 Special Congress (2001), The Co-operative Commonwealth
20011201 01/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Betrayal of ethics Alistair Graham 7 Travelcare, Tesco, Graham Melmoth
20011201 01/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: End Korean cruelty Phyllis Wilson 7 Seoul Diary
20011201 01/12/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Lame ducks must seek help Ken Nolan 7 CRS, Willie Tucker, Market Town stores, The Co-operative Group
20011201 01/12/2001 Trade union major report on ethical investment: Co-operative Movement praised for its approach John Merrett Bloom 10 The Co-operative Group, Co-op 99 Tea, UNISON, Co-op Bank, ‘Free For All? Report’
20011201 01/12/2001 Charting the life of Paul Robeson: Singing on behalf of the Co-op Commonwealth David Lazell 11 London’s Unity Theatre, Paul Robeson, political education, Stanford Hall, community theatre, Eugene O’Neil, Co-op College
20011201 01/12/2001 Tower of Strength (competition) Co-op News 11 South Wales, ‘Tower of Strength’, Tyrone O’Sullivan, Tower Colliery
20011201 01/12/2001 WESTMINSTER DIARY Phil Hope 12 urban regeneration partnerships
20011201 01/12/2001 The secret treasure island of Cleopatra Philip Curtis 13 Kos (Greek Island)
20011201 01/12/2001 SHOP TALK: Somerfield stalls: TV chef a turn off: Tesco jeans blow The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, The Times 13 Levi Strauss jeans, Kwik Save, court decision, Jamie Oliver
20011201 01/12/2001 The way we were: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 13 Reg Freeson, Finance Bill, social ownership, Co-operative Housing Agency, Co-op Party
20011201 01/12/2001 Co-operative Funeral awards Co-op News 14 Liz McLure, Ravenhill Road Belfast, Heart of England Funeral Division
20011201 01/12/2001 Minister praises Co-op lamb deal Colin Richell 15 Carwyn Jones