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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20010915 15/09/2001 SHOP TALK: Iceland rallies: M&S losing out The Independent, The Mail 13 Bill Grimsey, Retail Intelligence
20010915 15/09/2001 The way we were: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 13 Tom Turvey, Co-op Party, International Press Conference, Labour Party Conference, Copenhagen, Co-op Press
20010915 15/09/2001 New exhibition tells of Derby’s co-operative past and present Co-op News 14 Cllr. Janet Till, Midlands Co-op, Tanya Noon, Derby Co-operative Society
20010915 15/09/2001 New Lanark’s musical respons Co-op News 14 New Millenium Experience, World Heritage Village, ‘The Harmony Song’, New Lanark
20010915 15/09/2001 Sailing into retirement Co-op News 14 Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, David Woodward
20010915 15/09/2001 OBITUARIES: Arthur Edwards: Norah Hutchings: Sydney Stott Rita Rhodes: Stan Newens 14 Arthur Edwards , Norah Hutchings, Sydney Stott
20010915 15/09/2001 New travel team at Midlands Co-op Co-op News 15 Peter Povey
20010915 15/09/2001 Leeds on course for record results: More stores and acquisitions boost all round performance Co-op News 15 Alan Gill, Leeds Co-op
20010915 15/09/2001 Unity Trust MD retires Co-op News 15 Unity Trust Bank, Gordon Beesley
20010915 15/09/2001 A Sterling move Co-op News 15 Chris Hodgkinson, Ipswich And Norwich Society Sterling Motor Group
20010915 15/09/2001 SPONSORED PAGE Co-op Party gears up for annual conference: Co-op Party secretary Peter Hunt outlines the manifesto The Co-operative Party 16 Gareth Thomas MP, Empowerment, The Industrial and Provident Societies Bill, mark Lazarowicz MP, Edinburgh, AccountAbility, ‘Enterprise, Employee Share Schemes Bill
20010929 29/09/2001 ICA mourns the loss of 69 co-op workers: no cause can justify senseless violence, says Flogelstrom Co-op News 1 World Trade Centre atrocity
20010929 29/09/2001 £250,000 invested in Wooler store Co-op News 2 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op
20010929 29/09/2001 MSPs signing up to boost credit unions: Campaign aiming to change image of ‘poor man’s bank’ Co-op News 2 The Capital Credit Union Edinburgh, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Scottish Parliament
20010929 29/09/2001 College art under the hammer Co-op News 2 ‘Nottingham Old Market’ art works, auction, ‘Nottingham Goose Fair’, Stanford Hall
20010929 29/09/2001 Bike ride’s £20,000 Co-op News 3 Cheshire bike ride, Cllr. Brian Crowe
20010929 29/09/2001 Sunwin’s success Co-op News 3 Sunwin Motor Group
20010929 29/09/2001 West Midlands’ £10m development scheme Co-op News 3 Cheslyn Hay, West Midlands Society, Codsall
20010929 29/09/2001 Manx Co-op to get the Welcome look Co-op News 3 Welcome format, Manx Co-op
20010929 29/09/2001 SCS to consider its future role Co-op News 3 Brian Rose, Roger, Gillian Lonergan, George Conchie, Len Burch, Rita Rhodes, Co-operative Commission, Frank Dent, Spear, Society for Co-operative Studies, National Co-operative Foundation, Ian Pyper, Iain Williamson, John Butler, James Bell, Edgar Parnell, Peter Davies
20010929 29/09/2001 Co-operative Party annual conference in Edinburgh: another year of immense change says Hunt Co-op News 4 New Mutualism, Communicate Mutuality Ltd.
20010929 29/09/2001 The future of Party Councils discussed Co-op News 4 Jim Lee, Co-op Party Councils, Gareth Thomas
20010929 29/09/2001 Delegates vote to accept ‘age rule’ Co-op News 4 Terry Cooney, Sylvia Renilson
20010929 29/09/2001 More co-op members are wanted Co-op News 4 Co-op Party membership
20010929 29/09/2001 Reports by Simon Binns: Education must be truly comprehensive Simon Binns 5 Len Wardle, Learning and Skills Council, Eric Wallis