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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20081014 14/10/2008 Travel bisiness scoops eight indistry awards Co-op News 10 The Co-operative Group (travel)
20081014 14/10/2008 Pants to poverty Susan Press 11 Make Poverty History (2008)
20081014 14/10/2008 Spectacular success for CRTG awards Co-op News 12 Charity Supplier Awards, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20081014 14/10/2008 Building societies pick up bill for failed Bradford & Bingley Paul Gosling 16 Bradford & Bingley (rescue deal), Building Societies, Santander, Financial Services Authority (FSA)
20081014 14/10/2008 How an ancient Greek invention powers a modern town Kevin McGrother 18 Settle (hydro scheme), Water Power Enterprises (h2oPE), Archimedean Screw, Torrs Hydro New Mills
20081014 14/10/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 CWS trading, John MacGregor MP, Nairobi Africa (terrorist bombing)
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: CRTG should try to cut cost burden Nick Chilvers 21 Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Colchester Society
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: Terry Thomas the best CEO that CWS never had Geoffrey Whiteley 22 David Skinner, Co-op Bank, Terry Thomas memoirs (Co-op Bank), CWS
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: Why not let the voters decide? Eddie McDonnell 22 oath of allegiance, Anne Belworthy
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: Demise of Bradford and Bingley is a missed opportunity for British Building Societies David J Thompson, Ken Nolan, B Panvel 22 Santander, Bradford & Bingley (rescue deal)
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: It's time to look again at Co-op's Labour links Tony Langford 23 Co-op Party/Labour Party link
20081014 14/10/2008 News Views Letters: I'll ignore politics Graham Bober 23 Bob Russell, Colin Richell
20081014 14/10/2008 COMMENT Chris Pilkington 23 Labour Government (2008), Gordon Brown, government bail out of banks
20081028 28/10/2008 Almost There! Relief as Group's Somerfield deal wins OFT support Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (Somerfield), Somerfield acquisition by The Co-operative Group, Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
20081028 28/10/2008 Phone Co-op is number one Co-op News 2 Enterprising Solutions Award (2008), The Phone Co-op
20081028 28/10/2008 Carpets top sellers Co-op News 2 Heart of England (carpet sales)
20081028 28/10/2008 Britannia in merger talks with CFS Co-op News 2 merger talks, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), David Anderson, Britannia Building Society
20081028 28/10/2008 Half-year results boost Midlands Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op (half year results 2008), trading results
20081028 28/10/2008 New till system impresses minister Co-op News 3 Scotland (alcohol awareness week), The Co-operative Group, Ibrox store Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon
20081028 28/10/2008 half year-results boost Midlands Co-op News 3 Midlands Co-op (trading figures), John Fitzgerald
20081028 28/10/2008 Group wins lifetime achievement award Chris Pilkington 4 The Co-operative Group, RSPCA
20081028 28/10/2008 Chelmsford's record profit Co-op News 4 , Chelmsford Star Co-op (trading figures)
20081028 28/10/2008 Welsh credit union boost Co-op News 4 Credit Unions (Wales)
20081028 28/10/2008 Group helps ICA map movements ethics page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), social respnsibility
20081028 28/10/2008 We want our Co-op News back, say MPs Co-op News 8 David Drew MP, Co-op News (withdrawn from House of Commons Library), David Taylor MP, Mark Durkan (SDLP leader), Bob Russell MP