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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: Balfe's one-man Co-op crusade Dave Griffiths 21 Richard Balfe, Conservative Party, Sarah McCarthy-Fry
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: CDS is not doing much for Movement Margaret Milo 21 Cathy Jamieson MSP, Co-operative Development Scotland
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: New Eco-town will be a boost for Movement David A Rodgers 22 eco-towns, Paul Knott, The Co-operative Group (eco-town), Pennbury eco-town
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: Town in the sticks is a distraction Paul Alton 22 eco-towns, Paul Knott, carbon footprint, eco-quarters in cities
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: Farm land must not be sacrificed Colin Richell 22 housing, agricultural land, eco-towns, Paul Knott, Pennbury eco-town
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: Bank's committment to community a priority Graham McKenzie 23 Co-op Bank, Paul Gosling, Northern Ireland (Co-op Bank customers)
20080513 13/05/2008 News Views Letters: Well done on sticking with CHCs Bill Jordan 23 Community Health Councils (CHCs)
20080513 13/05/2008 Gordon doesn't deserve this media mauling Jim Dobbin 23 Gordon Brown (record in Parliament)
20080513 13/05/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Gordon Brown, Wendy Alexander MSP, Scottish devolution
20080527 27/05/2008 Bring it on! Dave Bowman 1 Peter Marks, The Co-operative Group (expansion), The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), Co-op renaissance
20080527 27/05/2008 A record half year for Lincoln Co-op Co-op News 2 trading figures, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society
20080527 27/05/2008 Hands off our co-ops Co-op News 2 Hands off Our Co-ops, Pauline Green, European Commission
20080527 27/05/2008 Travel store gets award for top sales Co-op News 2 Co-op Travel Ultra branch (Gloucester)
20080527 27/05/2008 Group to keep its HQ in city centre Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (head office), Peter Marks
20080527 27/05/2008 Bank turns away £14m of unethical business Co-op News 3 Co-op Bank (Ethical Audit Report 2007), Co-op Bank (ethical policy)
20080527 27/05/2008 A good year for Channel Islands Co-op News 3 Channel Islands Co-op, trading figures
20080527 27/05/2008 The Co-operative shines in school solar energy scheme page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 solar panels, The Co-operative Group (green energy for schools)
20080527 27/05/2008 East of England driving profits with ethical plans Co-op News 5 East of England Co-op, trading figures
20080527 27/05/2008 Co-operation at heart of Eco-town Dave Bowman 6 eco-towns (Leicestershire), The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), Patrick Grange
20080527 27/05/2008 Marks pays tribute to outgoing Food Chief Dave Bowman 6 Guy McCracken, The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), Peter Marks
20080527 27/05/2008 Credit crunch has little effect on Bank and Insurance Dave Bowman 7 David Anderson, The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20080527 27/05/2008 Stronger Group will save £50m from merger Dave Bowman 7 Len Wardle, The Co-operative Group & United merger, The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008)
20080527 27/05/2008 £95m distribution approved Dave Bowman 8 The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), distribution of profits
20080527 27/05/2008 Moira Lees 'a treasure' Dave Bowman 8 The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008), Moira Lees, Len Wardle
20080527 27/05/2008 Adopt sourcing principles Dave Bowman 8 Central & Eastern Region (Co-op Group), product sourcing , The Co-operative Group (AGM 2008)