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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG EXTRA Mission statements, who needs them? Vic Thomas 14 Genetic Modification (GM)
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG EXTRA In the wake of severed Labour links E. McDonnell 14 Labour Party, National Council of Labour, David Wise, New Labour, Co-op Union, Co-op MPs, Co-operative Commission
20000822 22/08/2000 United’s role in education Co-op News 15 Member Relations Department, United Norwest Co-op, national curriculum
20000822 22/08/2000 Committee member for thirty years Co-op News 15 Southern Member Relations Committee, Alice Bayman
20000822 22/08/2000 Orkney’s creamery thrives as a co-op: £50m deal protects more than 100 jobs Co-op News 15 Orkney Cheese, Kirkwall, A. McLennan & Son, George Eunson, Orkney Isles, North Scottish Co-op, Tim Deakin, Claymore Creamery, Express Dairies
20000822 22/08/2000 Woodcraft Folk take part in Austrian camp Co-op News 15 Andy Piercy, International Falcon Movement, racism, Fascism
20000822 22/08/2000 Workers code Co-op News 15 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS BRIEFS: Co-op MP backs NHS campaign: Knowing your rights Co-op News 15 Andy Reed MP, emPOWER, disabled people, Doug Naysmith MP, Sam Gallop
20000822 22/08/2000 SPONSORED PAGE: Co-operation Black Country: Leading the way in community development: Co-operatives given a co-operative home Co-operation Black Country 16 Turner House, Alex Stephenson, The Community Economic Development Centre, Advantage West Midlands
20001205 05/12/2000 Members agree to final report: Commission unanimous on strategy for future of the Movement Co-op News 1 Pauline Green, John Monks, The Co-operative Commission
20001205 05/12/2000 Travelcare in link up with Heart of England Co-op News 1 CWS, Yvonne Rankin, Heart of England Co-op, Travelcare
20001205 05/12/2000 New concept store opens Co-op News 2 Post Office “combination” stores, Leek, United Norwest Society
20001205 05/12/2000 Members’ feedback will decide College’s future Co-op News 2 English Heritage Board, Co-op College, Mervyn Wilson, Stanford Hall
20001205 05/12/2000 NEWS BRIEFS: NI Chief quits: CWS gets a new name Co-op News 2 Paul Slocombe, Northern Ireland Co-op, David Anderson
20001205 05/12/2000 NEWS BRIEFS: CWS gets a new name Co-op News 2 CWS, The Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd
20001205 05/12/2000 Supplier sparks scare Co-op News 2 Co-op cream of tomato soup, Food Standards Agency (FSA), Everyday tomato soup, food scare, HL Foods
20001205 05/12/2000 Bakers cook up success Co-op News 3 Cuisine de France
20001205 05/12/2000 Credit unions need greater coverage: abcul Chief’s message for UKCC gathering Co-op News 3 John Moores University, credit unions, Shaun Spiers
20001205 05/12/2000 Co-op man’s Royal honour Co-op News 3 Michael Morgans, Associated Co-operative Creameries (ACC)
20001205 05/12/2000 Make a date with Chris Co-op News 3 Co-op Union, Chris Bridge
20001205 05/12/2000 Closing date Co-op News 3 NOMINATIONS, Congress President 2001
20001205 05/12/2000 smile of success Co-op News 3 smile internet banking, Co-op Bank
20001205 05/12/2000 UKCC FORUM: The value of co-operation Co-op News 4 Co-op College, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM), International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Co-op Support Organisations (CSOs), CWS, Mervyn Wilson
20001205 05/12/2000 Standard Life finds mutuality works Co-op News 4 mutual status, demutualisation, Gordon Arthur, Standard Life
20001205 05/12/2000 EU White Paper favours co-ops Co-op News 4 Co-operative Enterprise in Europe, Gary Titley MEP