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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080122 22/01/2008 Co-operatives UK handed key role to help expand sector Co-op News 8 Helen Seymour, John Goodman, Co-operatives UK, Office of the Third Sector
20080122 22/01/2008 It's crunch time for the Group and Movement Pauline Green 10 Co-operative Commission (2001), CWS, Constitutional Review (Co-op Group), Co-op democracy
20080122 22/01/2008 The French evolution of wine co-operatives Rosemary George 12 Chablis, La Chablisienne, wine producing co-operatives
20080122 22/01/2008 Getting a mutual railway on track Lord Berkeley 13 The Office of Rail regulation, Network Rail, Rail Freight Group, mutualisation
20080122 22/01/2008 Co-ops can drive Spain's eco-tourism Paul Gosling 14 tourism co-operatives (Spain), Spain (holidays)
20080122 22/01/2008 A caring co-operator celebrates with the stars Siân Barton 16 Margaret Elliott, Sunderland Home Care Associates
20080122 22/01/2008 A co-op journey from 'store lad' to Chief Executive Susan Press 17 Allan Smith, Channel Islands Society
20080122 22/01/2008 How 'Rochdale' became a byword for US co-operation David J Thompson 18 Co-operative Movement (USA), Horace Greeley, American Co-operative Movement
20080122 22/01/2008 Public service has to be run by public Jim Craigen 19 Co-operative schools, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Robert Owen, N.F.S. Grundtvig
20080122 22/01/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 CWS dividend, J.H. Hough
20080122 22/01/2008 NEWS Views Letters: Group's housing plan deserves to succeed Glyn Thomas 21 The Co-operative Group, Sven Rufus, housing, Farmworld Stoughton (CWS), eco-towns
20080122 22/01/2008 NEWS Views Letters: Co-op's self-service 'first' Colin Richell 21 Manor Park Co-op store (London), self-service shops
20080122 22/01/2008 NEWS Views Letters: Group should be wary of academics and school trusts Ian G Rogers 22 Paul Gosling, Sweden (schools), Co-op Academies Trust, academies and trust schools
20080122 22/01/2008 Birth of the NHS is still relevant today Bill Jordan 22 Labour Government, Sheila Luss, Paul Gosling, co-operative principles, NHS, nationalisation
20080122 22/01/2008 News Views Letters: Movement is being taken for granted Richard Balfe 23 political parties, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007)
20080122 22/01/2008 News Views Letters: Cur Labour links Stuart Calton 23 Labour Party, David Griffiths
20080122 22/01/2008 News Views Letters: We need big stores to tackle Tesco Duncan Chew 23 Tesco, European co-op buying groups, Ray Henderson, buying group
20080122 22/01/2008 News Views Letters: Thanks for support Pat Stuttard 23 Co-op Women's Guild, Leicester member relations
20080122 22/01/2008 Government knows value of third sector Adrian Bailey 23 third sector
20080219 19/02/2008 Leader of the pack Co-op News 1 ethical trading, RSPCA, Fairtrade, The Co-operative Group, Harriet Lamb
20080219 19/02/2008 Co-op Party General Secretary set to leave Co-op News 2 Matt Ball, Mutuo, Co-op Party, Karen Wilkie, Peter Hunt
20080219 19/02/2008 Wendy honoured by CFS staff Co-op News 2 CFS award, Wendy Brown
20080219 19/02/2008 Bank and smile lauded in survey Co-op News 3 Co-op Bank, ‘smile’
20080219 19/02/2008 MP Hendrick fights for canal resdidents' rights Co-op News 3 British Waterways, Shelley (canal side), Mark Hendrick MP
20080219 19/02/2008 Wooldale axe Chief Executive to cur costs Dave Bowman 4 Sheffield Co-operative Society, malcolm O'Grady, Fergie Cowan, Mark Lewis, Wooldale Co-operative Society, George Stringer