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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070710 10/07/2007 Spirit still strong at co-op agencies Paul Gosling 16 Worker co-ops, Co-operative Development Agency (CDA), Leicester and County Co-operative Development Agency (LCCDA), alternative economic policies (councils), John Goodman, Coventry CDA
20070710 10/07/2007 Niche Co-ops carry torch Lord Graham of Edmonton 16 co-op society mergers, Garfield Weston, Sir Robert Marshall, Co-op College Stanford Hall, Fine Fare, Enfield Highway Co-operative Society, Consumer co-ops
20070710 10/07/2007 Paul keeps busy as church minister and co-op councillor Susan Press 18 Paul Flowers, Bradford Council, Lifeline Project (drug abuse), methodist ministry, Rochdale Council, Labour/Co-op, National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux
20070710 10/07/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 Robin Cook, auxiliary co-ops (declining membership), CWS/CRS merger
20070710 10/07/2007 Movement must take credit for lending its support John McFall 21 Co-op Bank cash machine, David Harker, Ed Balls, Citizens' Advice Bureaux, The Co-operative Group, Citizens Advice (Parliamentarian of the Year)
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Our strengths can make us bigger Adam York 22 co-op values, Co-op Party, The Co-operative Group & United merger
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Co-operative principles must be Review Board's primary focus David & Hilda Smith 22 Graham Melmoth, The Co-operative Group & United merger, Nick Eyre, democratic structure
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Remembe the Basque children? Caroline Tendler 22 Basque children (Southampton), Co-operative Women’s Guild
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Where is the Group going Iain McCallum 22 Sir Graham Melmoth, Peter Marks, The Co-operative Group & United merger, Nick Eyre
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Emphasis on links with the Labour Party alienates shoppers Robin Martakies 23 Labour Party
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Can we offer one stop shops? Colin Richell 23 Alan Gill, one stop shopping
20070710 10/07/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Top marks for charity initiative Bob Bower 23 charity promotion
20070724 24/07/2007 New 'super co-op' for lift off Co-op News 1 Financial Services Authority (FSA), Ben Reid, The Co-operative Group & United merger, Pauline Green
20070724 24/07/2007 Funeralcare go to lifestyle show Co-op News 2 Asian lifestyle Show, Funeralcare
20070724 24/07/2007 Co-op MP assaulted and robbed Co-op News 2 Jim Dobbin MP
20070724 24/07/2007 Group snap up another pharmacy Co-op News 2 Aliance Pharmacy (Guisborough)
20070724 24/07/2007 Midlands Co-op may receive £400k windfall Co-op News 2 Martin Sale, Midlands Co-op, Justin Mooney, Ilkeston Co-op Motor Group
20070724 24/07/2007 CFS to shed 1,000 jobs by end of year Co-op News 3 redundancies, David Anderson, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20070724 24/07/2007 Celebrating World Co-op Day page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Kathryn Smith, The Bishopsgate Institute (London), International Co-op Day (2007)
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Customer data can offer real value for all Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 7 Paul Hazen, Co-operative Congress (2007)
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Black Gold Director faces Congress Q&A Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 7 Marx Francis, Black Gold, Kathryn Smith, Co-operative Congress (2007)
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Schools co-op in College link Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 8 Kevin McGrother, Mervyn Wilson, Co-operative Congress (2007), Co-op College, Young Co-operatives, Fairtrade
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Movement has to inspire youth for a stronger future Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 8 Kevin McGrother, Co-operative Congress (2007), Mags Bradbury, Kirsty Palmer, Woodcraft Folk, national curriculum
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Climate change motion adopted Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 8 Bob Burlton, climate change, Co-operative Congress (2007)
20070724 24/07/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Community housing a reality Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Siân Barton 8 Community Land Trusts, Co-operative Congress (2007), CDS Co-operatives, Glyn Thomas