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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) 'Merger will be a key turning point for Movement' Dave Bowman 6 The Co-operative Group & United merger, Bob Burlton
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Group targets staff bullies Dave Bowman 7 bullying and harassment of Co-op employees, Graham Bennett
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Animal care on agenda Dave Bowman 7 Farm Assurance Schemes, animal welfare, Terry Morton
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Membership revival strategy needed Dave Bowman 7 membership strategy, Steve Watts, Chris Hall
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) John Lewis is different to a member co-op Dave Bowman 7 Steve Watts, staff incentive scheme, John Lewis
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Call to abolish Fairtrade VAT Dave Bowman 7 Struan Ferguson, Steve Watts, VAT on Fairtrade products, Fairtrade
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Donations from tobacco sales not appropriate Dave Bowman 8 tobacco (profits from sale of), Terry Morton, smoking
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Shoefayre pushing ethical standards Dave Bowman 8 Shoefayre (ethical standards)
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) New brand is vital to Group's success says Beaumont Dave Bowman 8 Co-op Brand, Martin Beaumont
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Group to continue BRC support Dave Bowman 8 British Retail Consortium, Terry Morton
20070529 29/05/2007 Biofuel investors warned over impact on environment Co-op News 9 responsible shareholding, Sam Lacey, co-op insurance, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), biodiversity, sustainability, biofuels
20070529 29/05/2007 Divi buys pupils a social seat Co-op News 9 Midcounties Co-operative (community dividend)
20070529 29/05/2007 Quadrophenia Co-op News 9 Chelmsford Star Co-op (Braintree department store)
20070529 29/05/2007 Group recognised as 'age positive champion' Co-op News 9 Martin Beaumont, Age Positive employer, The Co-operative Group
20070529 29/05/2007 Group denies funeral claims Co-op News 10 Sunday Mail, Funeralcare (allegations of irregularities)
20070529 29/05/2007 Football club celebrates funding Co-op News 10 Porthmadog Football Club
20070529 29/05/2007 Government back health reform for social enterprise Co-op News 10 Ivan Lewis MP, Emma Wilson, social enterprises (health), Local Care Direct
20070529 29/05/2007 Society helps guide dog charity Co-op News 10 Heart of England Co-op, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
20070529 29/05/2007 Gordon's vision for Britain Siȃn Barton 14 Co-op Party, Gordon Brown (Prime Minister-elect)
20070529 29/05/2007 Night of frustration for Gordon's fans Dave Bowman 14 Co-op Party, Gordon Brown (Prime Minister-elect), Oona King
20070529 29/05/2007 Andy's shopping trip for local food Susan Press 16 Andy Maclachlan, Local Sourcing and Development, fresh produce
20070529 29/05/2007 Group has made good progress in past five years Martin Beaumont 17 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont (speaking to Co-op Group AGM 2007)
20070529 29/05/2007 A mutual line to cheaper energy in Northern Ireland Paul Gosling 18 Northern Ireland Energy Holdings, Viridian, gas pipeline, Sir George Quigley, Irish Renewable and Sustainable Energy Fund
20070529 29/05/2007 Travelcare fight back against lure of the web Siȃn Barton 19 Handforth (Manchester), internet, Mark Hale, Travelcare
20070529 29/05/2007 Is Fenwick the real home of co-operation? Jim Craigen 20 Andrew Fowlds, Matthew Fowlds, Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society, George Fowlds, Fenwick Weavers Society