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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070515 15/05/2007 Co-ops thriving in the province Paul Gosling 12 David Graham, Northern Ireland Co-op, Trevor Lockhart, Fane Valley Co-operative
20070515 15/05/2007 Exhibition recalls fight for the vote Siȃn Barton 13 People's History Museum, Chris Burgess, Battle for the Ballot Exhibition, Kate Chatfield
20070515 15/05/2007 The scourge of plastic Sandra Everett 14 plastic carrier bag free town, Modbury (Devon), Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, Rebecca Hosking, Tim Pearce
20070515 15/05/2007 Public demands a smoke-free England Co-op News 15 Smokefree England, smoking restrictions
20070515 15/05/2007 Hilary makes a stand for social justice in leadership elections Susan Press 16 Hilary Benn MP, Tony Benn, Labour Party Deputy Leadership election 2007
20070515 15/05/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 pre packed meat, Lanica, Institute of Grocery Distribution
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Democracy needs to be at the heart of our major co-ops Barbara Panvel 22 Willie Tucker, Co-operative Principles (ICA 1995), co-op members, Alan Middleton, Co-op News, Co-op democracy
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Merger will increase our strength Stephen Hall 22 The Co-operative Group & United merger, merger
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Lincolnshire looks after its members Colin Richell 22 Co-op democracy, Ursula Lidbetter, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Thanks for the News . . . Lord Graham of Edmonton 22 Co-op News
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Co-op difference should be on merger aganda Bill Jordan 23 mergers, co-operative principles, Cold War, co-op society mergers, economies of scale, Co-operative Commonwealth
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Issues to consider before change Babs Errington 23 members, co-op society mergers, mergers
20070515 15/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Issues to consider before change Leslie Freitag 23 candidates for election to co-op boards, co-op society mergers, mergers
20070515 15/05/2007 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Tony Blair, Co-op Party members, Gordon Brown, Mutuo, Co-operative Movement, Alan Milburn
20070529 29/05/2007 All change as Marks names team Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group & United merger, The Co-operative Group (changes to executive team 2007), Peter Marks
20070529 29/05/2007 Busy agenda for Congress 07 in Brighton Co-op News 2 Co-operatives UK, Co-operative Congress (2007), Pauline Green, Mervyn Wilson, Black Gold, Co-op College, The Co-op Archive, Rochdale Pioneers Museum, environmental responsibility
20070529 29/05/2007 Midlands and Raunds in merger talks Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op & Raunds Co-op (merger talks), Keith Tindall, John Fitzgerald
20070529 29/05/2007 Environmental award for Group Chief Co-op News 2 Martin Beaumont
20070529 29/05/2007 Key roles for United five Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group & United merger, Tim Hurrell, Martyn Wates, Mike Austin, Patrick Allen, John Nuttall, Zoë Morgan
20070529 29/05/2007 Funeralcare reaches out Co-op News 3 Funeralcare
20070529 29/05/2007 Butlton salutes outgoing chief Co-op News 3 Martin Beaumont (early retirement), Bob Burlton
20070529 29/05/2007 Funeral man's X Factor dream Co-op News 3 Funeralcare, David Trousdale
20070529 29/05/2007 The Co-operative sponsors new Fairtrade movie page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Barry Clavin, Tadesse Meskela, The Co-operative Group, Black Gold, Nick Francis, Fairtrade coffee, Ethiopian coffee farmers, Marc Francis
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) Travelcare and Shoefayre face close scrutiny Dave Bowman 5 Graham Bennett, Travelcare, Shoefayre
20070529 29/05/2007 Co-op Group AGM (2007) CFS looking tochange consumer banking direction Dave Bowman 6 Graham Bennett, Co-op Bank, Ted Duley, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)