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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20000718 18/07/2000 A Fenland city steeped in history Philip Curtis 13 Cambridge
20000718 18/07/2000 SHOP TALK: a round up of some of the news items you may have; Somerfield Loss; Safeway rally; Morrison rises Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian 13 Safeway, Kwik Save, William Morrison, Somerfield
20000718 18/07/2000 Fun run in the sun Co-op News 14 Shelter, Neil Furness, Macmillan Nurses, CIS, Vicky Hennessy
20000718 18/07/2000 Credit confidence Co-op News 14 Liverpool, Industrial Credit Union Conference
20000718 18/07/2000 Saving Co-op assets a key issue Co-op News 14 Co-operative Councils, Co-operative Commission, Pauline Green, Co-operative Union, co-operative assets
20000718 18/07/2000 Co-op MPs back PO reforms Co-op News 14 David Lepper MP, post offices, Stephen Byers MP, Andy Reed MP
20000718 18/07/2000 Workers rights report Co-op News 14 workers rights, Andy Reed MP
20000718 18/07/2000 New food co-op in Harlow Co-op News 14 Harlow, Hare Street Local Food Co-op
20000718 18/07/2000 Welsh Co-operators celebrate international day Co-op News 15 Alun Michael MP, Alban Rees, International Co-operators Day, Bury Port Co-operative Youth Band, Swansea City Marina
20000718 18/07/2000 Cost of internet grocery shopping to be reviewed Co-op News 15 grocery, Alan McKinnon, home delivery, Foresight
20000718 18/07/2000 Top standards job for Midlands man Co-op News 15 Paul Babington, Midlands Co-op Funeral service
20000718 18/07/2000 CIS care initiative Co-op News 15 Manchester Cares, Alison Platt
20000718 18/07/2000 Co-op travel superstore set to sail: United Norwest goes for nautical theme; Cruise Offer page sponsored by United Norwest Co-operatives 16 superstore, Oldham, Mike Greenacre, United Norwest’s Co-op Travel
20000725 25/07/2000 Tesco snap up two superstores Co-op News 1 superstores, Westwood Kent, Ken MacKenzie, Tesco, CWS, South East Co-op, Jim Craigen MP, Maryhill Glasgow, Scottish co-op
20000725 25/07/2000 Travelcare tops Co-op News 1 Travel Awards 2000, Travelcare
20000725 25/07/2000 W. Midlands set to acquire crematorium Co-op News 1 West Midlands Co-op, Walsall Council, Ben Reid, Streetly Crematorium
20000725 25/07/2000 Co-op boosts Miners Gala Co-op News 2 Durham Miners Gala, North eastern co-op, Friendship Festival, Woodcraft Folk
20000725 25/07/2000 Fun day boosts hospitals Co-op News 2 Eden Valley Hospice, Haltwhistle Paramedics, Gilsland Spa Hotel
20000725 25/07/2000 Fire safety lapses CWS in court: South-East Co-op is hit by maximum fines of £10,000 Co-op News 2 Eltham High Street London, CWS
20000725 25/07/2000 Survey pans burger quality Co-op News 2 Food Commission, burgers
20000725 25/07/2000 New Chairman Co-op News 2 Lothian Borders and Angus Society, Ken Purves
20000725 25/07/2000 Kosher first for Leeds is convenient Co-op News 2 Leeds, Jewish community
20000725 25/07/2000 Bank’s boost for credit unions Co-op News 3 Credit Union Development Fund, Unity Trust Bank
20000725 25/07/2000 Sacked funeral worker blasts ‘unfair’ CWS Co-op News 3 Peter Webb, Glenhaven Funerals, CWS, Cardiff
20000725 25/07/2000 Salute to Lord Morris Co-op News 3 Lord Morris of Manchester, Rehab International