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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061212 12/12/2006 Analysts predict a tight Christmas Co-op News 4 Mintel (market analyst), Christmas sales prediction 2006
20061212 12/12/2006 First for Group's healthcare services Co-op News 6 Primary Care Trusts, The Co-operative Group (pharmacy)
20061212 12/12/2006 United open training pharmacy Co-op News 6 Keele University, Professor Steve Chapman, United Co-op Healthcare
20061212 12/12/2006 Party unveils 90th anniversary plans Co-op News 6 Co-op Party (90th anniversary), Alun Michael MP
20061212 12/12/2006 Group's reporting pledge to openness and honesty article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 7 Sustainability Report (2005), The Co-operative Group (sustainability)
20061212 12/12/2006 East Midlands tour highlights sector's Needs Co-op News 8 East Midlands Co-operative Council
20061212 12/12/2006 Growth at Raunds continues Co-op News 8 Keith Tindall, trading figures, Raunds Society
20061212 12/12/2006 Group launch members' legal services helpline Co-op News 8 Co-operative Legal Services (CLS), legal services helpline, Legal Services Bill
20061212 12/12/2006 Hospital chief pushes co-op model Co-op News 9 NHS Foundation Trusts, Healthcare conference (15th Nov 2006), Chris Burke
20061212 12/12/2006 Being 'ethical' is losing its touch Co-op News 9 sustainability, Triodos Bank
20061212 12/12/2006 Rising for a social enterprise future Co-op News 9 RISE (social enterprise), Lucy Findlay
20061212 12/12/2006 Reed elected Co-op Parliamentary chair Co-op News 9 Mark Hendrick MP, Parliamentary Co-operative Party Group, Andy Reed MP
20061212 12/12/2006 Banging the drum for arts! Colin Richell 10 Jack Drum Arts Co-op
20061212 12/12/2006 Co-op's sandwich filler Co-op News 10 Oxfam
20061212 12/12/2006 East of England boosts charities Co-op News 10 East of England Co-op (community dividend fund)
20061212 12/12/2006 Lincoln supports museum Co-op News 10 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Museum of Lincolnshire Life
20061212 12/12/2006 Schools set to manage assets Co-op News 10 co-op model for schools, Co-op College, Pathfinder scheme for schools, David McCready, Mervyn Wilson, schools (conversion to charitable trusts), Russell Gill, Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College
20061212 12/12/2006 Midlands open new funeral branch Co-op News 10 Harborne funeral home (Birmingham), East Midlands Co-op (funerals)
20061212 12/12/2006 Co-op stores stock Paul O'Grady's winning designs Co-op News 11 Paul O'Grady Show, christmas cards
20061212 12/12/2006 Six Christmas crackers for Co-op managers David Lazell 12 The Rochdale Pioneers, Co-operative Commonwealth, Santa Claus, Arnold Bonner
20061212 12/12/2006 Tales of owd Lincoln Bob Doe 15 Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln Co-operative Society (history), Alan Middleton, The Owd Boy and the 'oss
20061212 12/12/2006 From rail to reservoirs mutuals can outstrip commercial models Paul Gosling 16 Network Rail, Glas Cymru, Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Christian Wolmar, Public Private Partnerships, Welsh Water
20061212 12/12/2006 Andy sets sights on a vibrant new year Susan Press 17 Parliamentary Co-operative Party Group, Gordon Brown, Britain's Sports Volunteers, Andy Reed MP
20061212 12/12/2006 In the spirit of Gandhi Stirling Smith 18 Gandhi, Hindu untouchables, India , Marakanam Salt Co-op (India), salt tax (India)
20061212 12/12/2006 Breaking barriers to tell your story Kevin McGrother 19 On Road Media (London), Nathalie McDermott