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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061128 28/11/2006 Jamie's Fifteen top of Government's social enterprise menu Paul Gosling 12 Jamie Oliver, Fifteen Foundation, Mutuo, civil society, social enterprise, school dinners
20061128 28/11/2006 Mags keeps Group's diversity on track Susan Press 13 Membership Projects, Mags Bradbury, The Co-operative Group (diversity)
20061128 28/11/2006 The enterprise that found a lost wilderness Kevin McGrother 14 social enterprise, Damien Handslip, Green Estate, land management, Sheffield, Sheffield Manor Lodge
20061128 28/11/2006 How green ethos can make co-ops more profitable Keith Maloney 15 United Co-operatives (energy and environmental programme) , bio-diesel, energy awareness, United Co-operatives (Sandbach store - Cheshire)
20061128 28/11/2006 College helps Australia realise its co-op identity Co-op News 16 Mervyn Wilson, Australian co-operatives, Co-op College, Murray Goulburn Co-operative - Australia, David Griffiths, Chris Cooper, Capricorn Society (Australia)
20061128 28/11/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 17 Peter Walker: CEO Co-op Council, Co-operative Retail Services (CRS), National Wages Board
20061128 28/11/2006 OBITUARY: Peter Rowbotham. Peter's belief in Co-op values drove his dedication to Movement Jean Miller 20 Peter Rowbotham, boycott of South African goods, Co-operative Retrail Services (CRS), National Guild of Co-operators
20061128 28/11/2006 OBITUARY: Former Prestwich President Cliff Berry dies at 91 Anthony Murray 20 Prestwich Co-operative Society, Cliff Berry, Co-op College
20061128 28/11/2006 OBITUARY: Doris Thomas, a stalwart activist Brian Morley 21 Co-operative Retrail Services (CRS), Doris Thomas, Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: New technology the key to encouraging member involvement Dave Boyle 22 Members meetings, quinquennial review
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Council tax solution may secure Labour's future Bill Jordan 22 Labour/Co-op Government, council tax, poll tax
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: ALMO's are not the right road to take for ownership John Merrett Bloom 22 Glyn Thomas, Community Gateway model, arms length management organisations (ALMOs), housing
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Spin doctors been dishing out honours for over 60 years Eddie McDonnell 23 honours system in Britain, A.V. Alexander
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: No rush for successor Alice Thornton 23 Martin Beaumont
20061128 28/11/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Pressure paid off Katherine McIntyre 23 Co-op Bank - ATM machines, co-op members, Bob Burlton
20061128 28/11/2006 Governance guides can help Nigeria's future Meg Hillier 23 Department for International Development (DFID), Nigeria, Africa
20061128 28/11/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 23 alcohol (tax), tobacco (tax)
20061212 12/12/2006 Group and United in merger talks Co-op News 1 United Co-operatives, The Co-operative Group, merger talks, Leeds Co-op
20061212 12/12/2006 Agrofair starts trading in USA Co-op News 2 Fairtrade, AgroFair
20061212 12/12/2006 Scottish acquisition Co-op News 2 Inverary (Argyll), Scottish co-op (acquires Spa store)
20061212 12/12/2006 Staff salute best of the brand Co-op News 2 Good With Food awards ceremony, The Co-operative Group, Guy McCracken
20061212 12/12/2006 Bethleham co-op sets up shop in Bath Co-op News 3 Bath Christmas market, Hoyland Handicrafts Society
20061212 12/12/2006 New NCC report fails to recognise Co-op progress Co-op News 3 National Consumer Council (NCC), Short Changed On Health? report (NCC)
20061212 12/12/2006 CFSMA President Co-op News 4 Co-operative Funeral Service Managers Association (CFSMA), John Williamson
20061212 12/12/2006 New support role Co-op News 4 Mike Lynch, Heart of England Co-op (Nuneaton distribution centre)