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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061128 28/11/2006 £18m Action Plan to boost social enterprises Co-op News 3 Social Enterprises - Action Plan, Hilary Armstrong , Gordon Brown, Action Plan - Social Enterprises, Ed Milliband
20061128 28/11/2006 Watford tenants opt to take control Co-op News 3 Community Gateway model, Watford Community Housing Trust
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-op pupils learn on shop floor article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Sir Thomas Boughey High school, Young Co-operators
20061128 28/11/2006 Sector is in robust health, says Balls Kevin McGrother 6 co-operative legislation, Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Ed Balls
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-ops vital at all levels Kevin McGrother 6 Hazel Blears MP, co-operatives (value of), Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006)
20061128 28/11/2006 ICA Europe becomes Cooperatives Europe Kevin McGrother 6 Pauline Green, Cooperatives Europe, Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Etienne Pflimlin, ICA Europe
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-ops need a higher profile - and fairness Kevin McGrother 7 Pauline Green, Etienne Pflimlin, Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Cooperatives Europe
20061128 28/11/2006 256,000 co-ops in Europe Kevin McGrother 7 Rainer Schluter, , Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006)
20061128 28/11/2006 Company law for co-ops? Kevin McGrother 7 Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), European Commission
20061128 28/11/2006 Africa'a plight a challenge to Movement - Barberini Kevin McGrother 7 Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Ivano Barberini, Africa
20061128 28/11/2006 Commissioner salutes co-ops Kevin McGrother 8 Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Vladimir Spidla
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-ops' role in EU understood Kevin McGrother 8 Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006), Philippe Busquin MEP
20061128 28/11/2006 Brand strategy explained Kevin McGrother 8 dotcoop, Jemima Tomlinson, Bob Burlton, brand strategy, Co-operatives Europe Conference (2006)
20061128 28/11/2006 Housing co-ops workshop Kevin McGrother 8 co-op housing, Scottish Community Right to Buy Scheme, Andy Love MP
20061128 28/11/2006 Top retail award for Scottish Co-op Co-op News 8 Scottish co-op, Scottish Reatail Excellence Awards (2006)
20061128 28/11/2006 Micro-finance scheme wins Nobel Peace prize Co-op News 9 Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Nobel Peace Prize, micro-finance, Co-op Bank
20061128 28/11/2006 Group's Fairpak donation Co-op News 10 Farepak
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-op MP backs McDonnell Co-op News 10 David Drew MP, John McDonnell MP
20061128 28/11/2006 New Plunkett Chief Co-op News 10 James Money-Kyrle, Plunkett Foundation
20061128 28/11/2006 ABCUL welcomes report Co-op News 10 Treasury Select Committee (credit unions), Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)
20061128 28/11/2006 Bank's climate challenge Co-op News 10 Co-op Bank, Climate Change Bill
20061128 28/11/2006 Lincolnshire members set to share £1m divi Co-op News 10 Ursula Lidbetter, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society (dividend bonus)
20061128 28/11/2006 Holiday club success Co-op News 10 Midcounties Co-operative (travel)
20061128 28/11/2006 Co-operation is Labour's new clause four, says Michael Co-op News 11 Alun Michael MP (Loyal Address Queen's Speech Nov 2006), Queen's Speech (November 2006)
20061128 28/11/2006 Edgar notches up 50 years service Co-op News 11 Edgar Evans (retirement), Bath and Wilts Area Committee