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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061017 17/10/2006 East of England chief retires Co-op News 6 John Holmes, Chris Blanchett (retirement), East of England Co-op
20061017 17/10/2006 Coffee morning a success Co-op News 6 Fairtrade coffee morning, MacMillan Cancer Relief
20061017 17/10/2006 Blunkett backs role of credit unions Co-op News 6 credit unions, David Blunkett
20061017 17/10/2006 Cooking up community co-operation article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 7 Adam Bushnell, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Mark Earnden, Mark and the Dragon (healthy eating campaign), Suzanne Heron
20061017 17/10/2006 Firms should do more to boost Fairtrade - survey Co-op News 8 The Fairtrade Foundation, Barry Clavin, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), YouGov poll (Fairtrade products), Fairtrade At Work Campaign
20061017 17/10/2006 Woolhouse joins Heart of England Co-op News 8 Heart of England Co-op, Martin Woolhouse
20061017 17/10/2006 Midlands face up to competitive market Co-op News 10 trading figures, John Fitzgerald, Midlands Co-op
20061017 17/10/2006 The key to cultivating caviar from cardboard Trudi Dunlop 11 Social Economy Finance conference (2006), Graham Wiles, River Valley Community Development Association, Green Business Network (West Yorkshire), Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT)
20061017 17/10/2006 Why looking back can help shape a secure future Bert Beaumont 12 co-op society mergers, control of co-operative societies, co-operative history, CWS Retail Society, CWS, The Co-operative Group (quinquenial review)
20061017 17/10/2006 John's dedication to Movement is still going strong Susan Press 14 Co-op Party, Woodcraft Folk, Labour Party, West Yorkshire, United Co-operatives, John Prestage
20061017 17/10/2006 Blue Ventures highlights climate change worries Kevin McGrother 15 Richard Nimmo, Enterprising Solutions Awads (2006), marine exploration, Blue Ventures
20061017 17/10/2006 How the next Labour PM can win over the Co-op faithful Paul Gosling 16 Peter Hunt, Co-op Party MPs, Gordon Brown, Co-operative Movement (relationship with the Labour Government)
20061017 17/10/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 20 Ron Byrom, Len Fyfe, C. W. Fulker, Co-op Press
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Time is right for Co-op to fight Ken Nolan 22 Martin Beaumont, retail co-operation , The Co-operative Group
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Stick with Labour Jack Croysdill 22 Co-op Party conference (2006), Co-op party (agreement with Labour)
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: We already have 'pressure' Philip Rapier 22 David Leigh, Co-op Party (eco-friendly), Ed Balls
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Positive media response Russ Brady 22 news coverage, Colin Richell
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: We need facts before nuclear commitment Bill Jordan 23 green energy, nuclear power, Alun Michael MP, Co-op Party conference (2006)
20061017 17/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Britain is a lone ranger in this carbon world Paul Alton 23 carbon dioxide, energy consumption, Government, green energy
20061017 17/10/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Co-op Party, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, John McDonnell MP
20061031 31/10/2006 Beaumont to step down as Group chief Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group, Bob Burlton, Peter Marks, Martin Beaumont
20061031 31/10/2006 United complete Sheffield merger Co-op News 1 United Co-operatives, Sheffield Society, merger, Peter Marks, Mike Howarth
20061031 31/10/2006 Group depot clinches property 'oscar' Co-op News 2 Chris Newton, West Thurrock distribution centre, Co-operative Retail Logistics
20061031 31/10/2006 East of England earmark £40m for expansion plans Co-op News 2 East of England Co-op, Richard Samson
20061031 31/10/2006 Former society president dies Co-op News 2 Prestwich Co-operative Society, Cliff Berry