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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060808 08/08/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 23 the Middle East, Tony Blair, Afghanistan, Iraq
20060822 22/08/2006 Leeds Co-op plan new brand trial Co-op News 1 Alan Gill, Leeds Co-op (brand trial), Garforth co-op store
20060822 22/08/2006 A plateful of fun at the festival Co-op News 1 Co-op Group (cambridge Folk Festival), Carbon Care scheme
20060822 22/08/2006 United aim to raise £150k for charity Co-op News 2 fundraising , Philip Jones, Simon O'Neill, diabetes, United Co-operatives
20060822 22/08/2006 Private ambulance investment Co-op News 2 funeral homes ambulance service, Midcounties Co-operative (funerals)
20060822 22/08/2006 Choose favourite enterprise Co-op News 2 Maureen Maplesden (Southern Co-op post office)
20060822 22/08/2006 Twigg hopes to be a Co-op MP Co-op News 3 Stephen Twigg MP, Co-op Party
20060822 22/08/2006 Co-ops UK links up with NACO Co-op News 3 National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), Co-operatives UK (partnership with NACO), Pauline Green, Neil Bust
20060822 22/08/2006 Youth Global Village a 'fantastic success' Colin Richell 4 Youth Parliament Declaration, Millenium Development Goals, Adrian Mitchell, Woodcraft Folk - Global Village 2006, The Fear Brigade (musical play), Julie Thorpe
20060822 22/08/2006 CETS - taking co-operative enterprise into Scottish schools article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 Scottish school curriculum , The Co-operative Educational Trust Scotland (CETS)
20060822 22/08/2006 Stewart's eight year stint wins Eyre's praise Co-op News 6 The Co-operative Group, Robin Stewart, Nick Eyre, Steve Watts, Terry Morton
20060822 22/08/2006 Free range egg sales on the up Clare Frisby 6 free range eggs, organic eggs, Claire Birks
20060822 22/08/2006 Report raps factory farms Co-op News 6 factory farmed chickens, Department for the Environment Food and Rural affairs (DEFRA), Bristol University, Compassion in World Farming Trust
20060822 22/08/2006 CFS creates role to move forward Co-op News 6 David Anderson, Dick Parkhouse (Change Director CFS), Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20060822 22/08/2006 Group becomes UK's first 'green' grocer Co-op News 7 Scottish Power, renewable energy, Coldham windfarm (Cambridgeshire), green electricity, The Co-operative Group
20060822 22/08/2006 Wooldale aids IPPR research Colin Richell 7 Wooldale Co-operative Society, Institute of Policy Research, Expat Shopping, Fergie Cowan, British emigration
20060822 22/08/2006 Guild backs healthcare plan Co-op News 7 health and social care workers, Co-operative Women's Guild Congress (2006)
20060822 22/08/2006 Co-op wines scoop awards Co-op News 8 co-op wines
20060822 22/08/2006 Plant oil fuels business drive Co-op News 8 Blooming Futures, The co-operative loan fund (Co-operative Action), Pure Plant Oil (PPO), motor fuel
20060822 22/08/2006 Southern Co-ops expand c-store portfolio in region Co-op News 9 Graham Bennett, convenience stores, Southern Co-operatives
20060822 22/08/2006 Cardiff holds global co-op event Co-op News 9 Wales Institute for Research into Co-operatives, Reclaiming the Economy (conference Cardiff 2006)
20060822 22/08/2006 Jura whisky contest winners Co-op News 9 Jura whisky competition
20060822 22/08/2006 Membership drive pays off Co-op News 10 Ben Reid, Midcounties Co-operative (membership drive)
20060822 22/08/2006 A retailing skill shortage Co-op News 10 Skillsmart Retail
20060822 22/08/2006 Chief calls for CDFI support Co-op News 10 Black Country Reinvestment Society