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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060418 18/04/2006 Co-op bitter lemon withdrawn Co-op News 8 food safety, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Food Standards Agency (FSA)
20060418 18/04/2006 Lincoln pledge a bed Co-op News 8 Nomad Trust, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Julia Romney
20060418 18/04/2006 Co-op's splash of ethics Co-op News 9 One (bottled water), ethical bottled water, Duncan Goose
20060418 18/04/2006 Be wary of rivals abusing our ethical position Paul Gosling 10 Ethical Policy, Nationwide Building Society, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20060418 18/04/2006 Woodcraft Folk gearing up to host worldwide summer camp Susan Press 11 Gareth Thomas MP, Julie Thorpe, young people, Adrian Mitchell, Woodcraft Folk - Global Village 2006
20060418 18/04/2006 Devon's Black Farmer bids to break down barriers Kevin McGrother 13 farming, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, The Black Farmer, young people
20060418 18/04/2006 Life peerages and the co-operative lifestyle David Lazell 16 Sir Jack Bailey, life peerages, co-operative education, Fred Hall, Walter Padley, honours system in Britain, Leslie Paul
20060418 18/04/2006 Celebrating 10 years in 'Aztec' Stockport Co-op News 16 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Pyramid building – Stockport
20060418 18/04/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 17 co-operative housing (London)
20060418 18/04/2006 NEWS VIEWS: World's only co-op country needs help Brian Dunn 18 Guyana National Co-operative Union, Chris Sewell, co-operation among co-operatives, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Republic of Guyana, Fairtrade
20060418 18/04/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Group should not lose sight of manufacturing Alan Spence 18 manufacturing, Syncro – Co-operative Group building services, co-operative production, Paul Hewitt
20060418 18/04/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Societies need to support schools Mervyn Wilson 19 Bill Jordan, Specialist Schools, Co-operative Action, school curriculum, OFSTED, co-operation in citizenship, Co-op College
20060418 18/04/2006 NEWS VIEWS: 99 Fairtrade tea? David Fairbanks 19 Fairtrade Labelling, Co-op 99 Tea
20060418 18/04/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Fantastic spirit Peter Roscoe 19 Janet Butterworth, Sir Robert Southern, meals on wheels
20060418 18/04/2006 Co-operative values must be applied Ken Purchase 19 education initiatives for schools, NHS Trusts, local authorities, sale of council houses
20060502 02/05/2006 Group on way back Co-op News 1 trading figures, The Co-operative Group
20060502 02/05/2006 Dairy co-operative's milk deal with Aldi Co-op News 2 Aldi, Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB)
20060502 02/05/2006 Sheffield's profits hit by competition Co-op News 2 trading figures, Sheffield Co-operative Society
20060502 02/05/2006 USDAW to resist Sunday changes Co-op News 2 Gerry Sutcliffe MP, USDAW, Save Our Sundays campaign, John Hannett
20060502 02/05/2006 Fairtrade education pack Co-op News 2 Fairtrade, Tanya Noon, East Midlands Co-operative Education Committee, Karen Ball
20060502 02/05/2006 New look pharmacy Co-op News 3 Midcounties Co-operative, pharmacy (Walsall Wood)
20060502 02/05/2006 Proxy votes enable M&F Co-op chief to win confidence vote Co-op News 3 Financial Services Authority (FSA), George Cunningham, Tom Lees (vote of no confidence), Musselburgh & Fisherrow Co-op (demutualisation), Jean Whitehead, Pat Jamieson, Barbara Archibald, Peter Henderson
20060502 02/05/2006 Quadrant store relaunched Co-op News 3 Chelmsford Star Co-op
20060502 02/05/2006 Robert Owen commemoration Colin Richell 3 Robert Owen Museum Association, Jim Burton, Hatton Davidson
20060502 02/05/2006 New proof of age website Co-op News 3 proof of age schemes