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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
7306 01/04/2019 Suicide bereavement charity funding from Southern Co-op Co-op News 11 Suicide bereavement, Southern Co-operatives
7306 01/04/2019 Central England Co-op welcomes new CEO Co-op News 12 Central England Co-op, Debbie Robinson, Spar, The Co-operative Group, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith
7306 01/04/2019 POLITICS: Worker bee branding sees Co-op Party hark back to Rochdale Roots Co-op News 12 Co-op Party, Rochdale Pioneers, new brand logo, worker bee
7306 01/04/2019 KPMG faces £4m fine over its handling of Co-op Bank audit Co-op News 13 KPMG, Co-op Bank audit, Britannia Building Society, Prudential Regulation Authority, Barry Tootell, FRC
7306 01/04/2019 OBITUARY: James Arnold, former director of the New Lanark Trust Co-op News 13 James Arnold, New Lanark Trust, Unesco World Heritage Site, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Iain MacDonald
7306 01/04/2019 EQUALITY: International Women’s Day: Women co-operators share their journeys Co-op News 14 International Women’s Day, Women co-operators
7306 01/04/2019 RWANDA: Date confirmed for ICA Global Conference Co-op News 15 Rwanda, ICA Global Conference, Kigali, Ariel Guarco, sustainable development
7306 01/04/2019 GLOBAL: Mutuals on the move: How ‘trust and security’ after the crash saw co-op insurers grow faster than rivals Co-op News 16 Mutuals, ‘trust and security’, Hilde Vernaillen, co-op insurance, Shaun Tarbuck
7306 01/04/2019 AUSTRALIA: Teachers Mutual scores high marks on worldwide ethical business list Co-op News 17 ethical companies list, Teachers Mutual, mutual bank
7306 01/04/2019 CANADA: Strong performance lifts the Desjardins divi Co-op News 17 Desjardins divi
7306 01/04/2019 USA: Credit unions lobby lawmakers on community grants and accounting standards Co-op News 18 credit unions, community grants, accounting standards
7306 01/04/2019 COLOMBIA: Woccu scheme sees motorbike bankers bring financial inclusion to borders Co-op News 19 Credit union, Colombia, Venezuela, Woccu, Oscar Guzman
7306 01/04/2019 GLOBAL: ICA calls for cash to shout the message on co-ops and sustainability Co-op News 19 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
7306 01/04/2019 SPAIN: Fagor Industrial offers its workers a greener commute Co-op News 20 Basque worker co-op, Fagor Industrial, Orbea, electric bikes, Mondragon Group, Jone Urzelai
7306 01/04/2019 Argentine dairy co-op looks to Asia to boost exports Co-op News 21 dairy co-op, Asia, exports
7306 01/04/2019 Asia’s credit unions go digital to drive financial inclusion Co-op News 21 credit unions, financial inclusion
7306 01/04/2019 EUROPE: REScoop welcomes new EU laws to help energy co-ops Co-op News 21 Friends of the Earth, European Union, energy co-ops, Energy Cities, Greenpeace
7306 01/04/2019 Honduran chocolate co-op targets European market Co-op News 21 Honduran chocolate co-op, European market, Juan Orlando Hernández
7306 01/04/2019 MSc scholarships in co-ops, food and sustainability Co-op News 21 food and sustainability
7306 01/04/2019 NZ praises co-ops for work on sustainable development Co-op News 21 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), New Zeland
7306 01/04/2019 Meet … Linda Shaw, former vice principle of the Co-operative College Co-op News 22 Linda Shaw, adult education, international development, Co-op College
7306 01/04/2019 LETTER: Re: Four Co-op Party MPs join the Brexit walkout from the Labour Party (March Edition) Robert Kennion 24 Brexit, Co-op Party, Labour Party
7306 01/04/2019 LETTER: Re: Four Co-op Party MPs join the Brexit walkout from the Labour Party (March Edition)2 George Conchie 24 Brexit, Co-op Party, Labour Party
7306 01/04/2019 LETTER: Re: Four Co-op Party MPs join the Brexit walkout from the Labour Party (March Edition)3 Leslie Freitag 24 Brexit, Co-op Party, Labour Party
7306 01/04/2019 Co-operative Retail Conference Co-op News 25 Co-operative Retail Conference, James Walton, Stephen Gill, VME Coop, Doug O’Brien