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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20051115 15/11/2005 When is a free range egg not a free range egg? Co-op News 13 animal welfare, "free range" egg production, Compassion in World Farming Trust, avian flu, Philip Lymbery, British Free Range Egg Producers Association, John Widdowson
20051115 15/11/2005 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Colin Richell 16 Scotmid (starts Jan 1981)
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: e-store is cheap, has fast delivery and is competitive James Holand 17 Christopher Richardson, e-store (electrical)
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Clover leaf an integral part of co-op's image Leslie Freitag 17 co-op identity, cloverleaf logo, British Rail logo
20051115 15/11/2005 COMMENT Co-op News 17 Terrorism Bill (2005), detention proposal (90 day)
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Don't waste all this knowledge and vision Elaine Gwynne 18 Welsh Assembly, age discrimination, co-op values & principles, Workers' Educational Association (WEA)
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Making businesses independent could improve strength Ken Nolan 18 The Co-operative Group
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Continue with the 'mixed bag' of debates Colin Richell 18 letters to Co-op News
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Merger the right choice John Macey 18 merger, East Anglian societies
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Group's strategy just doesn't make sense Ray Henderson 19 profitability, The Co-operative Group (closure of non-food)
20051115 15/11/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Performance and people the priority Ursula Lidbetter 19 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Heather Lee
20051115 15/11/2005 Principle renewal could be the key David Drew 19 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, New Economics Foundation, Co-operative principles and values, Local Harvest, The Co-operative Group (department stores), clone ghost towns
20051129 29/11/2005 Best of British Co-op News 1 Debbie Robinson, Ed Mayo, nutrition labelling, National Consumer Council (NCC), nutrition and health
20051129 29/11/2005 ...and the Movement deserves praise for its efforts to combat animal cruelty Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group, Compassion in World Farming Trust
20051129 29/11/2005 1m staff bonus Co-op News 2 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, staff bonus
20051129 29/11/2005 Midcounties end Christmas Day opening Co-op News 2 Christmas day opening, Midcounties Co-operative
20051129 29/11/2005 Heart of England's first lady Co-op News 2 Heart of England Funeral Division, Jane Skelson
20051129 29/11/2005 Usdaw's warning over store 'stings' Co-op News 3 USDAW, John Hannett, under age drinking, purchase of alcohol
20051129 29/11/2005 Extra support for gay community Co-op News 3 Funeralcare, gay community, Pink Partings (Funeralcare), Sharon White
20051129 29/11/2005 United smashes fundraising target Co-op News 4 United Co-operatives, Bill Hoult, United Against Cancer
20051129 29/11/2005 Schools educated about Fairtrade Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, Co-op College, Brad Hill, Fairtrade Friendly Primary Schools, Primary Schools, Make Your School Fairtrade Friendly
20051129 29/11/2005 Social message Co-op News 4 Social Enterprise London (SEL), school leavers guide (social enterprises)
20051129 29/11/2005 Communities come first in Wales article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 The Co-operative Group, Welsh Assembly, Communities First Partnerships, Monkton (Pembroke), Llanion (Pembroke Dock)
20051129 29/11/2005 Asian quake hits hundreds of co-ops Co-op News 6 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Asia (earthquke), New Delhi
20051129 29/11/2005 Fairtrade gives workers a lift Co-op News 6 Ghana, Fairtrade, Volta River Estates