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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20051004 04/10/2005 Bank's trade justice Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank (trade justice advert)
20051004 04/10/2005 CIS 'dissapointed' as stalemate looms in advisers' dispute Co-op News 2 financial advisers, USDAW, Merdy Briggs, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), ACAS
20051004 04/10/2005 New look for New Sector Co-op News 2 New Sector magazine, Community and Co-operative Publishing Ltd
20051004 04/10/2005 Solid growth in tough climate Co-op News 3 Heart of England Co-op, trading, Ali Kurji
20051004 04/10/2005 A day in the sun for Shelter Co-op News 3 Shelter, The Co-operative Group (support for Shelter)
20051004 04/10/2005 Multi-million pound package for credit unions Co-op News 3 David Blunkett MP, Mark Lyonette, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)
20051004 04/10/2005 Heather's happy return Co-op News 4 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Heather Lee
20051004 04/10/2005 End of road for takeover saga Colin Richell 4 Somerfield United/Co-operatives, United Co-operatives/Somerfield
20051004 04/10/2005 Midlands progressive appointment Co-op News 4 Midlands Co-op, Tony Carroll
20051004 04/10/2005 Law association seminar Co-op News 4 Co-operative Law Association (CLA), Peter Hunt, Steve Hassell, Andrew King, Sarah Hughes
20051004 04/10/2005 HCT granted funding for updates Co-op News 4 Hackney Community Transport
20051004 04/10/2005 Book contest winners Co-op News 4 A Fair Feast (by Vicky Bhogal)
20051004 04/10/2005 Flower Power makes Janet a show winner Co-op News 5 Janet Hutton, Midlands Co-op funeral services
20051004 04/10/2005 Southern Co-op's Norwegian link Co-op News 6 Co-op Norway, Stella Butcher , Southern Co-operatives, Steve Nicholas
20051004 04/10/2005 A co-op Party! Kevin McGrother 8 Co-op Party Conference (2005), Co-operatives UK, Vic Parks, Co-op Party becomes a co-operative (2005), Jeanette Timmins, Adrian Bailey MP, Erskine Holmes
20051004 04/10/2005 Labour victory down to co-operators Kevin McGrother 8 Co-op Party Conference (2005), Labour Party
20051004 04/10/2005 Mutual health Kevin McGrother 8 Co-op Party Conference (2005), Geraint Day, co-operative dentistry
20051004 04/10/2005 Housing co-ops Kevin McGrother 8 housing associations, Co-op Party Conference (2005)
20051004 04/10/2005 Radical change Kevin McGrother 8 Sarah McCarthy-Fry, Co-op Party Conference (2005)
20051004 04/10/2005 Motions round-up Kevin McGrother 8 Co-op Party Conference (2005) motions
20051004 04/10/2005 ABCUL's Argos link-up Co-op News 9 Mark Lyonette, Argos, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), ACard scheme
20051004 04/10/2005 Lincoln Co-op acquires two funeral firms Co-op News 9 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, V. Walker & Son (funerals), D. W. Bloomer (funerals)
20051004 04/10/2005 Amidcounties 'first' Colin Richell 9 Midcounties Co-operative, Taw Hill pharmacy
20051004 04/10/2005 Korfball Club receives donation Colin Richell 9 Nottingham Korfball Club
20051004 04/10/2005 Scramble for store jobs Co-op News 9 Moodiesburn (Scottish Co-op)