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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Co-operation not capitalism Alan Spence 17 return on capital employed, Martyn Wates
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Matching budgets vital Ken Nolan 17 Martyn Wates, return on capital employed
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Group forced to make cuts John Smith 18 The Co-operative Group (funding support to democratic structures), quinquennial review 2005, Project Exchequer
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Democracy the key Christopher Lydall 18 Co-operative difference, Vic Parks
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Who controls and owns the Group? Trevor Bottomley 18 co-operative democracy, The Co-operative Group (members)
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Well done! Barry Cawdron 18 Co-op News
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Membership should not be affected by c-store mistakes Ray Henderson 19 United Co-operatives, national membership services, acquisitions, convenience stores, Co-op disposals
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Shocking tactics Robin Martakies 19 quinquennial review 2005, The Co-operative Group, democratic structure
20050906 06/09/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Congratulations to Co-op couple Pam Blundell 19 Peter Findlow, Balfour Street branch (Helsby), Alison Minshaw
20050906 06/09/2005 Immigration Bill a real 'mixed bag' Louise Ellman 19 Immigration, Asylum amd Nationality Bill, refugees, Charles Clarke MP
20050920 20/09/2005 New names for merged co-ops Co-op News 1 Chris Blanchett, Midcounties Co-operative, Richard Samson, East of England Co-op, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op (merger), Ipswich and Norwich Co-op (merger), Bob Burlton, West Midlands Society (merger), Colchester and East Essex Co-op (merger), Ben Reid
20050920 20/09/2005 £50m grant for Bangladeshi co-ops Colin Richell 1 Gareth Thomas MP, electricity co-operatives, Department for International Development (DFID), Co-op College, Stirling Smith
20050920 20/09/2005 United post strong first half results Co-op News 2 United Co-operatives (trading figures)
20050920 20/09/2005 Winning a pizza the action Co-op News 2 Midlands Travel Agent Awards
20050920 20/09/2005 Leeds Co-op to provide new staff incentives Co-op News 2 Leeds Co-op
20050920 20/09/2005 Unexpected rise in profits for CIS Co-op News 3 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20050920 20/09/2005 Creative regeneration wave Co-op News 3 Creative Media Centre, Wave Design, Sally Lampitt, apprenticeships
20050920 20/09/2005 Usdaw fights for Co-op parents and carers Co-op News 4 Parents and Carers Campaign, John Hannett, Trades Union Congress (TUC), USDAW
20050920 20/09/2005 Fresh local produce: Co-op's latest success Co-op News 4 Local Harvest, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, Rural Revival, Adrian Barradell
20050920 20/09/2005 Local store is the core for villages Colin Richell 5 village shops, Quintin Fox, Plunkett Foundation
20050920 20/09/2005 Manx acquisition Colin Richell 5 Manx Co-op, Ramsey Safeway store, Mike Hewson
20050920 20/09/2005 Cost cutting a priority after financial losses Dave Bowman 6 UK Society for Co-operative Studies (finances), Richard Bickle, UK Society for Co-operative Studies (AGM 2005)
20050920 20/09/2005 Student housing revolution Dave Bowman 6 Charlie Baker (research and consultancy), UK Society for Co-operative Studies (AGM 2005), co-operative housing for students
20050920 20/09/2005 Co-ops must keep their local ethos Dave Bowman 6 UK Society for Co-operative Studies (AGM 2005), Keith Tindall, co-operative community retailing, Ray Henderson
20050920 20/09/2005 Party could be hit by funding cuts Kevin McGrother and Anthony Murray 8 Gareth Thomas MP, Co-op Party Conference (2005), The Co-operative Group (cost cutting)