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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050726 26/07/2005 United travel success Co-op News 6 United Travel call centre
20050726 26/07/2005 Divi booster for charities Co-op News 6 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op (dividend)
20050726 26/07/2005 Healthy eating drive Co-op News 6 Chelmsford Primary Care Trust, Chelmsford Star Co-op
20050726 26/07/2005 Group's social funding up despite profits slump Co-op News 8 The Co-operative Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2004), Martin Beaumont
20050726 26/07/2005 New governance code for mutuals Co-op News 8 Association of Mutual Insurers, Paul Myners, Association of Friendly Societies, governance, Grahan Berville
20050726 26/07/2005 United snap up nine pharmacies Co-op News 9 United Co-operatives’ Healthcare Group
20050726 26/07/2005 How big is UK's worker co-op movement? Kevin McGrother 10 Co-operatives UK, David Coulter, Worker co-ops
20050726 26/07/2005 Social Enterprise awards Keith Jerrome 10 Enterprising Solutions Award
20050726 26/07/2005 Housing support Kevin McGrother 10 Social Enterprise Working Group, National Housing Federation
20050726 26/07/2005 Promoting Somerset's best Kevin McGrother 10 Exmoor and Quantock Local Food, Taunton
20050726 26/07/2005 Advice co-op on the move Kevin McGrother 11 The Mobile Advice Co-operative (Darlington), Cleaveland Co-operative Development Agency
20050726 26/07/2005 Ulster conference unites social economy sector Kevin McGrother 11 Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT), Brian Howe
20050726 26/07/2005 People power is the name of the games Susan Press & Andy Love 12 Andy Love MP, mutualised olympics, Ken Livingstone, People's Olympics, Olympic Games
20050726 26/07/2005 I'm more than a customer, so treat me like the Co-op does Sir Richard Knowles 14 NHS, "choice", public services, co-op membership
20050726 26/07/2005 Putting the "care" into childcare makes a difference Anthony Murray 14 Pat Cooper, Co-operative Childcare, Tracey Lynn - Early Birds nursery, Angela Gibbons
20050726 26/07/2005 Co-op housing set for big breakthrough David Rodgers 15 co-operative houses, CDS Co-operatives
20050726 26/07/2005 OBITUARIES: Bernard Rhodes Co-op News 16 Bernard Rhodes
20050726 26/07/2005 OBITUARIES: Robert William Nichols Co-op News 16 Robert Willian Nichols
20050726 26/07/2005 Social enterprises empower women Meg Munn 16 social enterprises
20050726 26/07/2005 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 17 Stornoway supermarket, Co-operative Act
20050726 26/07/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Let there be more mergers Ken Nolan 18 mergers
20050726 26/07/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Somerfield options Colin Richell 18 United Co-operatives/Somerfield, Somerfield United/Co-operatives
20050726 26/07/2005 NEWS VIEWS: We are being failed by voting system John Merrett Bloom 18 Proportional Representation , Cllr. John Morris, voting systems
20050726 26/07/2005 NEWS VIEWS: We are being failed by voting system Iain Wylie 19 Proportional Representation , Cllr. John Morris
20050726 26/07/2005 TNEWS VIEWS: The foundations of co-op health Sir Richard Knowles 19 NHS Foundation Trusts (Birmingham), Keith Jerrome