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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050628 28/06/2005 Co-operation to thrive in Wales Lorraine Barrett 19 Rhodri Morgan, National Assembly for Wales, Co-operative and Mutual Strategy Unit (Wales), quangos
20050628 28/06/2005 Co-op staff and shoppers deserve Freedom From Fear USDAW 20 USDAW, Freedom From Fear campaign
20050712 12/07/2005 New merger on the way: West Mids and OSG Co-op News 1 Bob Burlton, merger, West Midlands Society, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Doreen Shaw, Ben Reid, Vivian Woodell
20050712 12/07/2005 Five Priory sites sold Co-op News 1 Priory Motor Group, Reg Vardy, Bill Oliver
20050712 12/07/2005 Euros on sale at Midlands Co-op stores Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op, euros, Julie Tyler
20050712 12/07/2005 Open meeting Co-op News 2 National Federation of Progressive Co-operators
20050712 12/07/2005 Happy days Co-op News 2 David Strode-Willis, New Lanark Mill Hotel
20050712 12/07/2005 Get the latest news online Co-op News 2 Co-op News website
20050712 12/07/2005 CIS launch world's first ethical policy Co-op News 3 Lee Raymond, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), CIS Ethical Engagement Policy, climate change, Exxon Mobil, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), David Anderson
20050712 12/07/2005 United drop out of Somerfield chase Co-op News 4 Somerfield, Peter Marks, Rothchild, United Co-operatives
20050712 12/07/2005 AXA to manage £2.5bn CIS fund Co-op News 4 Nelson Bakewell, Bryan Portman, AXA Real Estate Investment Management, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
20050712 12/07/2005 Anglia's travel award Colin Richell 4 Anglia Co-op Travelcare (Lowestoft)
20050712 12/07/2005 £2m store gets off to a flying start Co-op News 5 Jo Wood, Homemaker store (Exmouth), Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20050712 12/07/2005 SYNCRO: Moving forward with a 21st century approach Co-op News 5 SYNCRO feature
20050712 12/07/2005 Poor must have access to financial services, say ICA Co-op News 6 International Co-op Day (2005), credit unions, micro-finance, financial inclusion
20050712 12/07/2005 INTERNATIONAL CO-OP DAY MESSAGES: "Commitment to ending poverty" Pauline Green 6 world poverty, G8 summit - Scotland 2005, Co-op Bank, micro-credit
20050712 12/07/2005 INTERNATIONAL CO-OP DAY MESSAGES: "Co-operatives help poor people" Kofi Annan 6 micro-finance, United Nations, co-operating out of poverty
20050712 12/07/2005 Government urged to back co-operative housing Co-op News 8 Nick Rainsford MP, co-operative houses, Maureen Stables, David Drew MP, Co-operative Development Society, Lord Graham of Edmonton
20050712 12/07/2005 Funeralcare on radio Co-op News 8 Funeralcare advert on radio
20050712 12/07/2005 Management team additions Co-op News 8 Heart of England Co-op - appointments
20050712 12/07/2005 M&S man goes to Southern Co-op Co-op News 8 Southern Co-operatives, Mark Smith
20050712 12/07/2005 Renewable energy idea lifts off Co-op News 8 Gary Thomas, CIS Tower - solar project, CFS Portland Street builing (micro-wind turbines)
20050712 12/07/2005 Customers back Bank's action against zealots Dave Bowman 9 Christian Voice, ethical banking, sexual orientation discrimination, Co-op Bank - closure of Christian Voice account, Dave Smith
20050712 12/07/2005 BNP supports CV stance Dave Bowman 9 Co-op Bank - closure of Christian Voice account, Ben Bradshaw MP, British National Party (BNP), Christian Voice (fact file), David Anderson, Matthew Taylor MP
20050712 12/07/2005 Europe can teach UK a thing or two about co-operation Paul Gosling 10 social solidarity, European Union, co-operatives in Europe, Common Agricultural Policy