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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050628 28/06/2005 Making a noise for Shelter! Co-op News 7 Zoë Morgan, The Co-operative Group (support for Shelter)
20050628 28/06/2005 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Co-operative Union subscriptions, retail price maintenance , Douglas Congress , Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Commission
20050628 28/06/2005 Scottish CDA to be active by end of year Anthony Murray 7 Scottish Co-operative Development Agency, Jim Lee, Co-op Party, Cathy Jamieson MSP
20050628 28/06/2005 20p in every £1 spent at c-stores Co-op News 8 convenience stores
20050628 28/06/2005 New Press Board line-up Co-op News 8 Co-op Press board elections (2005), Jeanette Timmins
20050628 28/06/2005 Fellowship for Simpson Co-op News 8 Public Relations, United Co-operatives, Geof Simpson
20050628 28/06/2005 Midlands increase grant aid Co-op News 8 community dividend, Midlands Co-op
20050628 28/06/2005 Why Priory is not the top priority Dave Bowman 9 Martin Beaumont, Priory Motor Group, The Co-operative Group
20050628 28/06/2005 United in top 25 Dave Bowman 9 Sunwin Motor Group, United Co-operatives
20050628 28/06/2005 Brighton's co-operation Kevin McGrother 10 Jo White, Co-operatives South East, Brighton
20050628 28/06/2005 Film co-op shooting for social justice Kevin McGrother 10 Media Co-op, Louise Scott
20050628 28/06/2005 Shop in a box combats rural decline Kevin McGrother 10 village shops, Nottinghamshire, 'Shop In A Box', Chris Fitzpatrick
20050628 28/06/2005 Education co-op to set the agenda Kevin McGrother 11 Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, 1st Question (education co-operative), Pam Walker, Co-operative Learning and Development Associates (CLADA)
20050628 28/06/2005 New social enterprise site supports sector Kevin McGrother 11 Social Enterprise Training Consortium (SECT)
20050628 28/06/2005 From Sandhurst to New Century House Susan Press 12 Julia Rogers - first woman of business services, The Co-operative Group (Central Services)
20050628 28/06/2005 The EU? Isn't it just like the UK Co-operative Movement only bigger? John Hamer 12 Treaty of Rome, Co-operative Movement, European Union
20050628 28/06/2005 Willie bids farewell after a 45 year career Cyrrhian MacRae 14 Co-op College Stanford Hall, Midlands Co-op, Willie Tucker steps down, Lord Fyfe of Fairfield
20050628 28/06/2005 Directors goodbye Co-op News 14 Wilf Lee (pictured), Jack Kemp, John Blackband, Midlands Co-op
20050628 28/06/2005 Stanford Hall...the Movements biggest bargain ever? David Lazell 16 Co-op College Stanford Hall, Arthur Hemstock, Co-operative Union, VJ Day (1945), Stanford Hall (theatre), Co-operative Production Federation, Sir Julian Cahn
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Culture still needs to change Simon Sharpe 18 The Co-operative Group, Eoin McGettigan, Nick Eyre, Martin Beaumont
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Stop charging us W. Tickner 18 Co-op Bank ATM charges
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: The Group needs to plan Ken Nolan 18 The Co-operative Group (organisation review)
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Should co-operative pay be reformed? Bill Jordan 18 'living wage' for co-op staff, The Co-operative Group (AGM 2005)
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Bullying shouldn't exist, but will the code end it?ode Geraint Day 19 corporate governance, Code of Best Practice - Co-operatives UK 2005
20050628 28/06/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Never received my AGM invite Peter Jovcic-saas 19 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society (AGM 2005), Radstock Co-op