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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050430 30/04/2005 Rover debacle is a sad sign of our times David Lazell 14 TUC, Rover Longbridge, T. W. Mercer, UK car making industry, MG Rover, Co-op consumer education programme, UK manufacturing
20050430 30/04/2005 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Martyn Platts 15 Co-op Commission of Malaysia, credit unions (Italy)
20050507 07/05/2005 Read all about it - 133 years and not out Co-op News 1 Co-operative Movement, George Jacob Holyoake, Lord Graham of Edmonton, Co-operative Congress, Dave Bowman, Co-operative News becomes fortnightly
20050507 07/05/2005 Co-op principles on election agenda Co-op News 1 Peter Hunt, Labour Government, co-operative principles, General Election (May 2005)
20050507 07/05/2005 The friendliest food store in Leeds Co-op News 2 Leeds Co-op, Emma Middleton, Wood Holmes Group
20050507 07/05/2005 CIS goes football mad in Scotland Co-op News 2 Glasgow Rangers, CIS Insurance Cup, CIS Borders Football Programme
20050507 07/05/2005 Co-op Pharmacy tackling obesity Co-op News 2 Co-op Pharmacy, weight management programme
20050507 07/05/2005 OSG in the vangaurd of our renaissance, says Dame Pauline Co-op News 3 Pauline Green, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, Bob Burlton, Co-operative Development, Royal Agricultural Colege AGM (2005)
20050507 07/05/2005 No wrongdoing over dairy deal Co-op News 3 First Milk, Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Robert Wiseman Daries
20050507 07/05/2005 MG Rover anxiety Co-op News 3 Sunwin Motor Group, Priory Motors, MG Rover
20050507 07/05/2005 Grey power Co-op News 4 Ken Purchase MP, Opportunity Age (government document)
20050507 07/05/2005 Brown pledge to shopworkers Co-op News 4 Gordon Brown, Mutuo, USDAW, John Hannett
20050507 07/05/2005 French connection Colin Richell 4 Meg Munn MP
20050507 07/05/2005 Lib Dems advocate more credit unions Co-op News 4 credit unions, Liberal Democrats, Green Party
20050507 07/05/2005 On the husting with Co-op candidates Hilda Carr 5 Alun Michael MP, Gareth Thomas MP, Ed Balls, David Blunkett MP, Lorraine Barrett AM, Harow West constituency
20050507 07/05/2005 Co-op activist stands for Labour in Moray Hilda Carr 5 Co-op Party, Labour Party, Kevin Hutchens, Moray constituency
20050507 07/05/2005 Richard set for a new beat Co-op News 6 West Midlands Co-op, Special Constables, Richard Greaves
20050507 07/05/2005 Conference aim to embrace diversity Co-op News 6 Mags Bradbury, Co-op Group Diversity Conference, Amanda Jones
20050507 07/05/2005 No rest in the run up to the general election Mike Gapes 7 General Election campaign (2005)
20050507 07/05/2005 OUR VIEW: Use your vote and use it well Co-op News 7 General Election (May 2005)
20050507 07/05/2005 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 South Suburban Co-op, Wolverhampton Society, life assurance
20050507 07/05/2005 POSTBAG: Management should take the rap for losses Hughie Todner 10 Dennis Turner MP, Co-operative Union, Dr Lewis Moonie MP, George Foulkes MP, Susan Press, support for Co-op MPs
20050507 07/05/2005 POSTBAG: An-own goal on ATM charging Robert V Wright 10 Co-op Bank - ATM machines, banking in Mid-Wales
20050507 07/05/2005 POSTBAG: Spelling it out Ray Manning 10 Co-op Party, General Election (May 2005)
20050507 07/05/2005 POSTBAG: Mangement is to blame Ray Henderson 10 The Co-operative Group, CIS, co-op superstores, Sam Travers, CWS distribution network