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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050312 12/03/2005 Treasury backs Fairtrade Co-op News 4 European Union presedency (2005), Harriet Lamb, Paul Boetang MP, Fairtrade
20050312 12/03/2005 CFS unges switch to Fairtrade Co-op News 4 Simon Williams, Fairtrade, Fairtrade vending machines, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20050312 12/03/2005 Fairtrade Fortnight opens on a high note Co-op News 4 Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade Fortnight (2005), The Fairtrade Foundation
20050312 12/03/2005 MPs back move Co-op News 4 Oxfam, mark Lazarowicz MP, Fairtrade
20050312 12/03/2005 Buffaloes spread Fairtrade message Co-op News 6 Leeds Co-op, Bramley Buffaloes, Alan Gill, Fairtrade
20050312 12/03/2005 Tsunami relief given a £144,000 Co-op boost Co-op News 6 West Midlands Co-operative Society (Tsunami Appeal), Scotmid (Tsunami appeal)
20050312 12/03/2005 OBITUARY: Richard (Dick) Peddie Joan Straker 6 Rawdon Industrial Co-op, Probation Service (Leeds)
20050312 12/03/2005 OBITUARY: Bill Renwick Joan Straker 6 North eastern co-op, USDAW
20050312 12/03/2005 Consolidation crucial for growth Bob Burlton & Dave Bowman 8 Co-operative Commission (2001), social goals, internet domain for co-operatives, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), mergers, commercial performance, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, online shopping service, food miles
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: Postbag concerns are well founded Ray Henderson 10 Sir Terry Leahy, The Co-operative Group, decline of the co-op, Richard Bickle
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: It's not all the fault of Labour E. Harris 10 David Gibbs, Labour Party
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: Group on right track Christopher Lydall 10 The Co-operative Group
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: Ill-informed point Laurie Laughlin 10 Basil Loveridge, nationalisation
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: Credit card query John Wright 10 credit cards
20050312 12/03/2005 POSTBAG: Co-op's historic Labour links Bill Jordan 10 Labour Party, Lib Dems, Viv Bingham, political neutrality
20050312 12/03/2005 Never too early to learn about money Adrian Bailey 11 Child Trust Fund, Sandwell Hospital, financial inclusion
20050312 12/03/2005 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Colin Richell 11 CWS prices, Co-op Bank (technology equipment), CWS elections (1905)
20050312 12/03/2005 Showing faith in social enterprise Kevin McGrother 12 environmental projects, Rt. Rev. James Jones (Bishop of Liverpool), Annie Merry, EDEN (Liverpool Diocese)
20050312 12/03/2005 SHOP TALK: Tesco windfall: Holding reduced: Boots sees slow-down: Asda bonus time: Somerfield says no The Times: The Daily Telegraph: The Independent: The Scotsman: The Guardian 12 Tesco staff, Baugur, Asda staff, Jonathan Porritt
20050312 12/03/2005 Molly determined the valleys can bounce back Susan Press 13 The Pit and the Pendulum: a co-operative future for work in 2004, Molly Scott Cato, Green Party, Welsh Institute for Research into Co-operatives, environmental activism, Tower Colliery
20050312 12/03/2005 Pioneers had the right approach to education Stephen Yeo 14 Toad Lane, 'History of the Rochdale Pioneers', George Jacob Holyoake, co-operative principles
20050312 12/03/2005 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Martyn Platts 15 Northwest Communications Co-operative (North Dakota), micro-finance (South Africa), TDC Musik (Denmark), horticulture buying co-ops (Australia), Taiwan Co-operative Bank, tea gardens (West Bengal)
20050319 19/03/2005 Ben is the man of the year! Co-op News 1 Midlands Business Awards, Ben Reid
20050319 19/03/2005 MP leads protests over Woodcraft Folk funding axe Co-op News 1 Jess Cawley, Naomi Koppel, National Voluntary Youth Organisations Grant Scheme, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Woodcraft Folk, Department of Education and Skills
20050319 19/03/2005 Co-op Bank initiative on Northern Ireland costs Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank (Northern Ireland)