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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050205 05/02/2005 CIS staff get their own careers centre Co-op News 4 Ken Lewis, CIS Careers Centre, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
20050205 05/02/2005 Co-op Group's £21m BT deal Co-op News 4 British Telecoms (BT), The Co-operative Group
20050205 05/02/2005 bank's report highlights scandal of loan-sharks Co-op News 5 Simon Williams, Huyton Money Adavice and Budgeting Scheme (MABS), Paul Jones (Liverpool John Moores University), Stephen Timms MP, Citizens Advice
20050205 05/02/2005 United strengthens healthcare team Co-op News 5 Chris Barton, Lindsey Fairbrother, United Co-operatives Healthcare Group
20050205 05/02/2005 making co-operation count for Scotland Bill Butler 7 Fairtrade, Co-op Party Group - Scottish Parliament, Jim Lee, NHS - Scotland (Private Members Bill), co-operative education, Gerard Hill
20050205 05/02/2005 OUR VIEW: Manchester event points way ahead Co-op News 7 Social Enterprise conference, Baroness Glenys Thornton
20050205 05/02/2005 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Deansgate Archade, London Society
20050205 05/02/2005 Public service delivery is all about best value Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 8 Suzanna Jacoby, Community Foster Care, Peter Arnold, Newcastle, Dai Powell, Hackney Community Transport
20050205 05/02/2005 Regeneration unit's success leads founderet to Home Office Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 8 Dave Clarson, Riccal Regen Centre, Manor & Castle Development Trust, Alison Seabrook, Green Estate, Sheffield Co-operative Society, Active Community Unit (Home Office)
20050205 05/02/2005 New business model concerns Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 8 Dave Hollings, East Midlands Development Agency, Community Interest Company (CIC), North West Co-operative & Mutual Council, Julie Court, Peter Ramsden
20050205 05/02/2005 Liverpool's golden opportunity Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 9 Jack Harrison, The Eaga Partnership, Liverpool City Council, social enterprise, Cllr Richard Kemp (Liverpool)
20050205 05/02/2005 Development Agency's £20m support pledge Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 9 North West Development Agency, Bryan Gray
20050205 05/02/2005 Sector's growth has saved jobs Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 9 Hilary Brown, Social Enterprise Coalition, Baroness Glenys Thornton , Nigel Griffiths MP
20050205 05/02/2005 Franchisees face social audit Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 9 Gerry Higgins, Colin Crooks, Social Firms UK, Greenworks
20050205 05/02/2005 A growing role for agencies Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 9 Andrea Westall, Pauline Green, John Healey MP, New Economics Foundation
20050205 05/02/2005 POSTBAG: Labour is getting it right on health Jack Croysdill 10 Victoria Hospital (Blackpool), Private Finance Initiative, Labour Party, Co-op Party
20050205 05/02/2005 POSTBAG: Unity remains our strength Bill Jordan 10 David Marchesi, Labour Party, trade unions
20050205 05/02/2005 POSTBAG: Not very co-operative Basil Loveridge 10 co-op membership
20050205 05/02/2005 POSTBAG: It's a mystery Alasdair Russell 10 Gordon Brown
20050205 05/02/2005 POSTBAG: The way ahead Chris Sewell 10 Co-op support for Labour
20050205 05/02/2005 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 11 tsunami disaster, Naomi Klein, Argentina, 'activist filmmakers', Venezuela, Avi Lewis
20050205 05/02/2005 Foundation hospitals - the new co-ops? Sir Richard Knowles 12 foundation hospitals trusts (elections), Birmingham University, NHS
20050205 05/02/2005 SHOP TALK: The Daily Telegraph: The Scotsman: The Guardian: The Times 12 Sainsbury, Coinstar, The Big Food Group, Interflora, Philip Hampton, Boots the Chemist
20050205 05/02/2005 Cumbrian school a model of co-operation Susan Press 13 Fairtrade, The Phone Co-op, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Simon Waters, Co-operative Action, Lowick Primary School, Co-operatives UK, Ruth Kelly MP, Shirley Rainbow
20050212 12/02/2005 Scotmid set for new HQ Co-op News 1 John Brodie, Newbridge (Edinburgh), Scotmid