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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: The right to hunt Mary Lethby 10 hunting with dogs
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Engage with young people Carl Whaite 10 "Bach off is the message to youths"
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Putting a price on loyalty L. W. Wood 10 co-op loyalty
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: A misguided view of Israel Chris Godbold 11 Israel, Ian Wylie, United Nations, Jewish people
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Labour delivering on co-operation David Drew MP 11 Community Land Trusts, co-operation and socialism
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Movement has lost its way Peter Copperwheat 11 decline of the co-op, Co-operative Movement
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Labour's wasted billions Alisdair Russell 11 money spent on Iraq war, Gordon Brown
20041009 09/10/2004 POSTBAG: Youth group as yet unnamed Claire Brenner 11 Youth Network Forum
20041009 09/10/2004 Many nappy returns with co-op's service Kevin McGrother 12 Work Track programme, Rebecca Lamont-Jiggins, Northern Ireland, Blooming Bottoms Childcare Products
20041009 09/10/2004 Co-op's history brought to life Susan Press 13 Jim Lamb, Co-op history, CWS, Co-op College, The People's Store - North Eastern Co-op, Co-op Party, Gilsland Spa Hotel
20041009 09/10/2004 SHOP TALK: Takeover on?: Wal-Mart slow: Washed out The Guardian, The Times, The Scotsman 13 Philip Green, Sainsbury
20041016 16/10/2004 OSG buys .coop domain name for Movement Co-op News 1 Paul Hazen, Bob Burlton, domain name, Neil Homer, Malcolm Corbett, Community Broadband Network, Poptel Ltd, dotcoop, Shaun Fensom, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, The Phone Co-op, Charles Snyder
20041016 16/10/2004 News website ever more popular Co-op News 1 Co-operative News website, David Bowman
20041016 16/10/2004 Family touch to birthday cards Co-op News 2 Leeds Co-op, Sally Docherty
20041016 16/10/2004 Credit unions' gem of a system Co-op News 2 Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), computer system, Stephen Timms MP
20041016 16/10/2004 New chair for Co-op College Co-op News 2 David Gibson, Stephen Yeo, Mervyn Wilson, Co-op College
20041016 16/10/2004 Southern co-ops' national award Co-op News 2 Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Southern Co-operatives, Zero Tolerence campaign
20041016 16/10/2004 Co-op support for youth sport Co-op News 3 Youth Sport Trust, The Co-operative Group, Brad Hill
20041016 16/10/2004 A walk on the wild side Co-op News 3 World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), The Co-operative Group
20041016 16/10/2004 Shoppers sceptical of Co-op quality Co-op News 3 shoppers survey, ‘The Grocer magazine’, Fairtrade
20041016 16/10/2004 Two in a row for Walsall 'Ultra' travel branch Co-op News 4 travel, West Midlands Co-op
20041016 16/10/2004 NE social enterprise receives EU funding Co-op News 4 North East Social Enterprise Partnership (NESEP), Keith Richardson
20041016 16/10/2004 In-store TV trial Co-op News 4 Sainsbury, TV network, Jackson's convenience stores
20041016 16/10/2004 UK shoppers still resist bulk buying Co-op News 4 Mintel, weekly shop, bulk buying
20041016 16/10/2004 Villagers' co-op saves North Devon PO Co-op News 4 Berrynarbor Community Enterprise Ltd