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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040807 07/08/2004 POSTBAG: Housing co-op backed Pauline Green 10 The Clays Lane Housing Co-operative – East London
20040807 07/08/2004 POSTBAG: Losing out James R. Scott 10 MoneySuperMarket, Co-op Bank
20040807 07/08/2004 POSTBAG: Fine piece of journalism Nick Alcock 10 Tony Blair, The Gulf War
20040807 07/08/2004 POSTBAG: Educationis vital in tackling obesity issue G. K. Medlock 11 Lord Morris of Manchester, food labelling, Michael Harriott, Life Education Centres Ltd
20040807 07/08/2004 POSTBAG: Cheap insurance can be expensive Andy Watson 11 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
20040807 07/08/2004 A tough run-in, but Labour will triumph Lord Graham 12 Labour Government, Charles Trevelyan, Harold Wilson
20040807 07/08/2004 Financial guidance for social enterprise Kevin McGrother 13 Nigel Griffiths MP, Paperback workers co-operative, Green-Works, 'A Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises'
20040807 07/08/2004 Building the co-operative community must be our focus Brian Townsend 14 co-operative principles, Co-operative Commonwealth, co-operation among co-operatives, Fairtrade
20040807 07/08/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Council backs co-op - Australia
20040814 14/08/2004 21,000 reasons to say thanks Co-op News 1 Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, Chestnut Appeal for Prostrate Cancer
20040814 14/08/2004 Scotmid pay £30m for c-store chain Co-op News 1 Scotmid, Colin Bird, Morning Noon and Night
20040814 14/08/2004 Manx Co-op's boost for youth Co-op News 2 Manx Co-operative Partnerships, Castletown Youth and Community Centre
20040814 14/08/2004 Channel Islands hi-tech check-out Co-op News 2 Channel Islands Co-op, self scan facility, Allan Smith
20040814 14/08/2004 Funeral action? Co-op News 2 ballot on industrial action, Phil Davies, Funeralcare, Transport and General Workers Union, GMB Union
20040814 14/08/2004 Social enterprise in Brighton Co-op News 2 DR Brian Fisher, NHS Alliance, Community Action Network, Pry Leith, Christine Megson
20040814 14/08/2004 Progressive call for more regional power Co-op News 3 Co-operative Group Regional Boards, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), 'Democracy in a Large Society', National Federation of Progressive Co-operators, North East Co-op
20040814 14/08/2004 United Funerals' new finance chief Co-op News 3 United Co-op Funeral Group, Neil Walker
20040814 14/08/2004 C-store acquired Co-op News 3 Chelmsford Star Co-op, convenience store
20040814 14/08/2004 Co-operative educators gather in East Anglia Co-op News 4 Co-operative Education Conference , Co-operative Learning and Development Associates (CLADA)
20040814 14/08/2004 Press opens door to wider membership Co-op News 4 Co-op News, Financial Services Authority (FSA), Co-operative Press rule changes
20040814 14/08/2004 Price promise on heart drug Co-op News 4 John Makepeace, statins, Co-op Group Pharmacies, Zocor Heart Pro
20040814 14/08/2004 Academy of social responsibility launched Co-op News 4 Corporate Social Responsibility Academy, Stephen Timms MP
20040814 14/08/2004 Which? report praises credit unions Co-op News 5 Which? magazine, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Mark Lyonette
20040814 14/08/2004 A co-op double? Co-op News 5 Sarah McCarthy-Fry, Mark Button
20040814 14/08/2004 Co-op executives in North West 'top ten' Co-op News 6 Louise Ellman MP, Finian O'Boyle, Martin Beaumont