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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040731 31/07/2004 New booklet a boost for co-ops worldwide Co-op News 5 International Labour Organisation (ILO), Co-op College, 'Promoting Co-operatives', International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
20040731 31/07/2004 Cherie Booth backs childcare social enterprise Co-op News 6 Cherie Booth, East London Childcare Institute
20040731 31/07/2004 Champions! Co-op News 6 five a side football
20040731 31/07/2004 United Healthcare invests in people Co-op News 6 Healthcare Group, Rebecca Sumners, United Co-operatives, Investors in People (IiP)
20040731 31/07/2004 College urges co-ops to co-operate more Co-op News 6 'Just Ask Membership Toolkit', Co-op College, Johnston Birchall
20040731 31/07/2004 Power to the people conference Co-op News 6 Co-operatives UK, 'Co-operative Capital'
20040731 31/07/2004 Why the PM was right about Iraq Louise Ellman 7 Tony Blair, Iraq, Lord Hutton, The Butler Report
20040731 31/07/2004 OUR VIEW: Why carity must not end at home Co-op News 7 Darfur region of Sudan, , European Union, Disasters Emergency Committee, United Nations
20040731 31/07/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Bill Whatley, Sir Keith Joseph, Barnsley British Society
20040731 31/07/2004 POSTBAG: No comparison between Sharon and Saddam T. Mendosa 10 Israel, Ariel Sharon, Saddam Hussain
20040731 31/07/2004 POSTBAG: Protecting democracy L. M. Cole 10 Saddam Hussain, Israel, Ariel Sharon
20040731 31/07/2004 POSTBAG: Membership is more than a numbers game Colin Richell 10 The Co-operative Group, Lincoln Society, Woodcraft Folk, Dividend
20040731 31/07/2004 POSTBAG: Directors should be brought to book Ray Henderson 10 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Mervyn Pedelty
20040731 31/07/2004 A Westminster apparatchik? Cllr. Frank Prince 10 Ed Balls, Co-op Party
20040731 31/07/2004 Healthcare co-ops take world stage Geraint Day & Mo Girach 11 Fundación Espriu, Aylmer Health, Health Co-operatives , Medicoop - Sweden, Ottawa ICA principles
20040731 31/07/2004 Social enterprises thrive in cyberspace Kevin McGrother 12 Shop Social Enterprise , Social Enterprise London (SEL), Sital Haria, Social Enterprise London (SEL), Chris Wright, Sari (UK) Ltd, e-commerce, Ethical Junction
20040731 31/07/2004 Making the most of human resources Susan Press 13 John Stevenson, The Co-operative Group Human Resources
20040731 31/07/2004 Time to eradicate Britain's tactical voting 'cancer' Vic Parkes 14 First Past the Post (FPTP), Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, Alternative Vote (AV), Single Transferable Vote (STV)
20040731 31/07/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Empowering women, Co-ops Act move
20040807 07/08/2004 A £10,000 tonic for Sarah's charity Co-op News 1 Piggy Bank Kids, Sarah Brown
20040807 07/08/2004 Group acts to reduce waste Co-op News 1 bio-degradable materials, , 'shopping with attitude', , Christine Clark, plastic bread wrappers, , The Co-operative Group
20040807 07/08/2004 'Tony is Labour's best hope' Co-op News 1 Tony Blair, Lord Graham of Edmonton, Labour Party
20040807 07/08/2004 Lothian helps save honey bees Co-op News 2 honey bees, Scottish Borders, Lothian Borders and Angus Society
20040807 07/08/2004 Young Co-operatives gets £25,000 grant Co-op News 2 Fairtrade, Co-operative Action, Kevin McGrother
20040807 07/08/2004 Social enterprise cheif Co-op News 2 Hilary Brown, Social Enterprise Unit