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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040724 24/07/2004 THE WAY WE WERE:100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Stowmarket Society, Mossley Society, Romanian Communist Party, Mabel brown, Birmingham Co-operative Society
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: War on Iraq was morally correct Peter Smith 10 Margaret Toch, Saddam Hussein, United States, Basil Loveridge, Iraq
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: We should protect this housing co-op John Harrington 10 The Housing Corporation, The Clays Lane Housing Co-operative – East London, The Peabody trust
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: Iraq’s child mortality is up James O’Nions 10 George Bush, malnutrition, Bob Findlay, sanctions, World Health Organisation report
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: Blunkett could curb US Eddie McDonnell 10 Common Market
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: Activists must embrace foundation hospitals Bill Jordan 11 foundation hospitals, Patient and Public Involvement in Health Forums, NHS, Labour Government, Peter Hunt, 'New Mutualism’
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: The Movement’s double standards Geoffrey Whiteley 11 smoking ban, British Medical Association (BMA)
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: Simple solutions for fighting flab Paul Alton 11 Michael Harriott, carbohydrates
20040724 24/07/2004 POSTBAG: Women’s Guild takes a lead on political front Ray Manning 11 Co-op Women’s Guild, immigrants, degradable packaging, Nora Willis, asylum seekers
20040724 24/07/2004 Time to change our immoral voting system Vic Parks 12 Peter Hain, Make Votes Count, First Past the Post (FPTP), Single Transferable Vote (STV), Alternative Vote (AV)
20040724 24/07/2004 Peter relishing election challenge Susan Press 13 Supporter’s Direct, Peter Hunt, Private Member’s Bills, Co-op Party
20040724 24/07/2004 Pioneers’ values empower New York Becky Davis 14 Touchstone Energy, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, electric co-ops, 1st Rochdale Co-operative (New York City)
20040724 24/07/2004 SHOP TALK: Stores to cut prices: Sainsbury storm: China partnership The Scotsman, The Times, The Press Association 15 Tesco, Ting Hsin, supermarket price war, Hymall, Lord Levene
20040731 31/07/2004 smile-sponsored plane completes epic journey Co-op News 1 Co-op Bank, smile - internet bank
20040731 31/07/2004 Party set for record tally Co-op News 1 George Foulkes, Lewis Moonie, Linda Riordan MP, Co-op Party sponsored MPs
20040731 31/07/2004 United to acquire 12 c-stores Co-op News 1 Cheers Shropsire Limited, United Co-operatives
20040731 31/07/2004 CCTG clinches car hire deals Co-op News 2 Suncars, Co-operative Travel Trading Group (CTTG), Mike Beaumont
20040731 31/07/2004 Credit union success Co-op News 2 Marie Foskett, Steve Brown, Just Credit Union - Shropshire
20040731 31/07/2004 Gulf War inquiry salute for peer Co-op News 2 Gulf War illnesses, Lord LLoyd of Berwick, , Lord Morris of Manchester
20040731 31/07/2004 Irresistable expansion Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Truly Irresistable range
20040731 31/07/2004 Co-op Action backs credit union survey Co-op News 3 'Towards Sustainable Credit Union Development', Co-operative Action, credit union volunteers, Liverpool John Moores University
20040731 31/07/2004 Holy bat bikes! Co-op News 3 Midlands Co-op - Lichfield, Marie Curie Cancer Care
20040731 31/07/2004 Society steps up search for cheif Co-op News 3 Ipswich and Norwich Co-op, Heart of England Co-op, Michael Sherwood, Richard Samson
20040731 31/07/2004 United staff share bonanza Co-op News 4 United Co-operatives, share scheme
20040731 31/07/2004 Owen: visionary or potty idealist? Co-op News 4 'Devastating Eden', Brian Thompson